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Dec 28

How to lose weight in winters easily? See tips and nuskas inside –

With the hoodies, jackets, layers of clothes, winters seem like a gem of a season but also one of the reasons you overeat and dont think and care about your body. So, here are 4 tips and easy ways to lose weight in winters, easily and happily.

So, in winters we dont think much about the food, and Ould like to eat hot food, like pizza, or burgers, or even chole bhature, but that would not help you in losing weight right, so eating the right food in regulation is the key to losing weight.

For example- once in a week it is okay to eat chole bhature or junk food, but other days try eating food without processed goods in it. Like avoid ghee, butter, oil, replace it with better and less calorie version.

Yes, it is cold, and who wants to get out of the bed only to exercises, well, hats the wrong attitude. Its not necessary to lose weight you have to get out of the house, rather why not do yoga at home? All you need to do is allocate only 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to do some exercise.

for example-

a. You can jump for 30 minutes, it gets your heartbeat up and pumping and lets you lose weight or

b. Or 30 minutes you climb up and down the stairs, it helps you get your leg in shape and well lose weight from stomach and back.

c. Even 30 minutes of Yoga, with crunches, meditation helps you in keeping a tab on physical and mental health.

Well, the winter season also means parties, as it is the end of the year- New year, Christmas, Diwali, and so on, so rather than drinking the party fluids and spoiling your body regime, why not replace it better fluids. Like juices, water, even black coffee works, but whiskey and other party fluids should be reduced. They have added sugar in it, plus help you in gaining weight so easily.

One other problem of the winter season is that we become so comfortable in bed, that we would rather stay in bed, than go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, sadly, that not how things can work right? So, drinking lots and lots of water helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure to drink water, as it makes you feel heavy and you wont go eating some or the other wrong food.

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How to lose weight in winters easily? See tips and nuskas inside -

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