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Sep 10

Helpful tips to lose weight after 40: Workout routine and recovery – HOLA! USA

Everyone has different goals when it comes to starting a fitness journey. And while we can start adopting a workout routine at any age, the truth is that our body goes through a series of changes as we age, in relation to metabolism and muscle mass decrease.

So if you are looking for a more effective workout routine and diet, here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Introduce resistance training to build strength. This can be achieved by using free weights, body weight exercises or machines.

Try aiming for heavier weights and less reps, listen to your body and keep into account that a heavy weight will be one that will make you put real effort to complete your last repetition.

Its also important to get enough protein in your diet. Experts recommend that 10% to 35% of our daily caloric intake comes from protein, while other studies suggest a high-protein snack within 2 hours of working out, as it will help the body recover faster from exercise.

Dont forget to include rest days in your workout schedule, as your body needs to recover, ultimately helping you gain strength and muscle size. This also includes getting more sleep, and while this might be a challenge at first, there are different options to achieve a full-night sleep and well-deserved rest, including melatonin supplements, a relaxing skincare routine, and even a Silk mask from DROWSY for some extra comfy sleep.

Helpful tips to lose weight after 40: Workout routine and recovery - HOLA! USA

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