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Jan 3

Five nutrition myths to leave behind in 2021 | Health | – The Daily Progress

A literature review published by the American Physiological Society found no scientific evidence for the eight-cups-a-day recommendation. Many factors can influence an individuals hydration needs, including climate, physical activity, sweat rate, body weight and hormones. No single formula fits everyone, confirms the Mayo Clinic. Some body cues can help us gauge our fluid needs, such as urine color and sweat rateand its worth noting that when we feel thirsty, were often mildly dehydrated. Dont gulp down glasses of water at a time, though: Taking sips throughout the day can lead to better absorption.

Myth No. 4: Cooking destroys nutrients

in your foodOne fad diet dictates that raw foods, in their natural state, have more nutritional value. Advocates recommend that people not consume any foods prepared at temperatures higher than 118 degrees. The most fragile of enzymes start to die off at that 42C/115F degree mark, claims one blogger. Cooking supposedly denatures those enzymes and destroys vitamins, minerals and proteins. (Proponents rarely detail which enzymes, specifically, are more prevalent in raw food or note that the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs may destroy these mysterious enzymes by digesting them.)

Cooking with heat, or thermal processing, actually improves the bioavailability of many nutrients and phytochemicals, such as the lycopene in tomatoes. Foods including sweet potatoes, dry beans, grains and rhubarb also have nutrients that are better absorbed and digested when cooked. Different methods of cooking can have different effects on overall nutrient density: Boiling vegetables can reduce their water-soluble vitamins, such as thiamin and vitamin C, but steaming, baking and stir-frying can minimize this loss.

The rest is here:
Five nutrition myths to leave behind in 2021 | Health | - The Daily Progress

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