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Jan 3

Eastern Panhandle health officials offer new years resolution advice – Martinsburg Journal

MARTINSBURG Whether it be to run a mile every day, read a new book weekly or to simply be more charitable in one's community, officials are urging the public to be a bit more specific and realistic with their New Year's resolutions so those goals arent long gone come February.

According to Dana DeJarnett, West Virignia University Medicine East Wellness Center and health promotion coordinator, the new year ushers in a fresh start that most people capitalize on to address an area of their lives they feel could be improved upon.

Resolutions come up, because its the new year, a fresh start, but most people, by the middle of February, have either not attempted their resolution at all or have allowed it to fall by the wayside, DeJarnett said. Most people give lip service, but if they dont believe they can, then they really cant do whatever it is they say they plan to.

According to DeJarnett, most often, resolutions come in the form of health goals, including losing a general amount of weight over the next 12 months or exercising more regularly, but simply making these overarching goals does nothing for seeing them come to fruition.

Most people say they want to lose weight or start exercising, but it's better to make it actionable or more measurable, DeJarnett said. So, instead of just wanting to lose weight, make your resolution to lose 10 pounds by the end of February, and then you have to make your action steps part of that how are you going to lose those 10 pounds? Maybe by walking three days a week for one or two miles at 7 a.m. By making it more specific, you are more likely to achieve it than just going after a blanket statement.

In addition, DeJarnett said people who are determined to see their resolutions through this year can do what she said is common practice at the wellness center through its self-management program.

You can check your self-confidence level from zero to 10 zero being you dont think you can do this at all and 10 being you are absolutely confident in yourself, DeJarnett said. Youre goal is to have a confidence level of at least seven. Do you really believe you are going to do this goal every single day? Instead of setting ourselves up for failure by saying we are going to run two miles every single day forever, we can say we will try to run a mile at least three mornings a week, because it is more manageable and more likely to be completed.

DeJarnett said while the year may have changed, the current pandemic status has not, and she encouraged community members to look into the various WebX and virtual workout classes offered by the wellness center, where people participating can interact with a trainer or coach in real time while maintaining their safety.

While ensuring safe distancing and goal accomplishment is key, DeJarnett added it would be a good idea to also find ways to interact with friends or loved ones safely, so as to feel connected and supported during the resolution process.

Whether it be meeting up with a friend or family member at a park to work out or practicing a new skill or hobby together, DeJarnett said having someone there who is striving for the same things can be a great motivator to those who might fall off track.

DeJarnett added specific, clear and achievable goals can translate to any resolution set such as reading a certain amount of written material a week or learning a new skill, so long as each part of the process is set, and ones confidence is there.

Its always good to have something to strive for and look forward to, and its always good to feel like youve accomplished something, DeJarnett said.

For more information about virtual programs offered, visit the Wellness Centers Facebook page at WVU Medicine Wellness Center.

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Eastern Panhandle health officials offer new years resolution advice - Martinsburg Journal

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