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Aug 9

Drinking coffee with lemon juice will not help you lose weight in a week – NewsMeter

Hyderabad: Social media users are sharing a video that claims that adding lemon juice to coffee helps lose weight.

NewsMeter also found similar videos on social media that claimed "Remove Belly Fat in 3 Days With Coffee And Lemon No Strict Diet No exercise." (Click here and here to view them)

Many struggle with weight loss and body image issues. This video is not only misleading people to adopt unhealthy weight loss practices but is asking them to follow trends that affect their health. To follow the trend, viewers are accepting lemon and coffee drink as a "weight loss challenge."

NewsMeter searched for scientific evidence that could prove the claim and found that this claim is false.

According to a study, "No. Lemons do not have special fat-burning qualities. There is nothing in lemon juice that is going to burn fat or a chemical connection to make that happen. The truth is there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss."

However, lemons do have some nutritional qualities. Like many citrus fruits, lemons serve as a solid source of vitamin C. The citric acid in lemons may also help with digestion and decrease the likelihood of kidney stones. But it is not a magic potion for weight loss.

Another study on drinking coffee with lemon said, "This notion is prevalent among various trends that involve the use of lemon, but ultimately neither lemon nor coffee can melt off fat. The only way to get rid of unwanted fat is by consuming fewer calories or burning more of them. Thus, this claim is false."

NewsMeter contacted nutritionist Sujata Stephen of Care Hospitals who said, "Weight loss will not happen with a single food item or drink. Coffee and lemon alone will not help you lose weight. It should be along with lifestyle changes and a calorie-restricted diet. A diet with proper protein and timings will help to boast metabolism and help in weight loss."

There is no evidence that proves coffee and lemon can help shed pounds. There is absolutely no evidence the mixture can reduce belly fat in three days or a week.

Though coffee and lemon offer benefits that protect the body from chronic ailments, mixing the two does not act as a magic potion for weight loss.

There is no miraculous drink that can help you lose weight in three days or a week or even a month without proper diet and exercise. Hence, the viral claim is false.

Drinking coffee with lemon juice will not help you lose weight in a week - NewsMeter

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