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Sep 18

Doctor on finding ‘best weight-management strategy’ to curb menopause weight gain – Express

When a woman enters their 40s they are likely to begin to experience some symptoms of perimenopause, the period before they hit menopause. With a whole raft of uncomfortable side effects coming their way, experts warned women they need to accept what worked for them to maintain their weight in their formative years isn't going to work now.

Dr Barb DePree, a menopause care specialist, gynaecologist and womens health provider, explained that women need "200 fewer calories per day" as they enter their 50s and 60s because they've lost around 20 percent of their muscle mass.

She revealed as soon as women realise they need to change their lifestyles to tame their weight during menopause, the easier it will be.

Thespecialistwrote for MiddlesexMD: "Simply recognising this fact may help you step away from the hamster wheel of yore and toward a regimen that actually works."

She also pointed out that finding "the best weight management strategy" will work for the long haul and "keep you stronger, more flexible, healthier, and capable of maintaining an active lifestyle for far longer".

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Like numerous other experts, Dr DePree explained women should "avoid sugar" in order to maintain their weight.

But she suggested doing it slowly and not to cut it all out straight away.

She said: "If youre too rigorous, you may just be setting yourself up for a binge.

"An occasional treat is a nod to mental health."

Here is the original post:
Doctor on finding 'best weight-management strategy' to curb menopause weight gain - Express

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