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Jan 3

Ask the Expert: What are the most realistic steps to maintain a healthy weight? – The Daily Progress

Its also important to set an alarm weight; this is usually a weight that is about 3 to 5 lbs. above your goal weight. If you hit that weight, that can signal you to put into place your weight-loss protocol; it might mean a bit less added sugar, fewer starchy vegetables like potatoes, or less bread or pasta.

Sometimes, patients will come to me because they feel they are doing everything correctly and they are not getting closer to their goals. We take an inventory of every aspect of their lives: preparation, stress, sleep, nourishment and movement. I recommend journaling writing down their food in a simple way and spending a few minutes journaling their thoughts. This helps us identify where they are struggling and what feels easy.

Also, I like to encourage decision making about meals and movement ahead of time. When we create these decisions in advance, we are using the best part of our brains and are less likely to give into impulses for less healthy options when we are tired. Set yourself up for success if you know you are too tired to prepare a meal by the end of the week, consider simple foods like scrambled eggs and a side of mixed greens or frozen veggies, which take only minutes to prepare. Stock your fridge with easy options for those types of days.

Perhaps one of the most important concepts, which we dont discuss enough, is self-compassion and self-acceptance. Weight regain happens, so when we can forgive ourselves, we can begin to move forward and work toward our goals. If you need more help, please speak to your primary care doctor or find an obesity medicine specialist for additional help.

Dr. Jenilee Lawrence is board certified in obesity medicine and internal medicine and provides primary care, including care of patients who are overweight or obese, at the UVa Health Zion Crossroads primary care practice. Learn more at

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Ask the Expert: What are the most realistic steps to maintain a healthy weight? - The Daily Progress

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