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Oct 15

‘Physically I feel great, I have so much energy and my confidence has soared’ – Sunday World

I've always had extra pounds that I wanted to get rid of and I managed to get down to my goal weight for my wedding - but after I got married the weight slowly began to creep up on me. Before I knew it I was carrying an extra 3 stone and I was in a complete rut.

he turning point for me was when I went on holiday with my friends in July 2016 and I remember just feeling so self-conscious the entire time. I just wanted to cover every inch of my body, I was miserable. Feeling like an alien in your own body is completely draining, That was my trigger point.

I joined Slimming World in January 2017 and when I finally walked through the doors of my local Slimming World in Carraroe, Co. Sligo my Consultant Charlotte, could not have been more welcoming.

I was 14 stone when I stood on the scales and when I went home that night I cried. While I was despondent, when I heard about plan I knew it would work for me. Even though I'm a vegetarian there was an abundance of recipes I could tweak to make the meals my own.

In my first week I quickly realised why staying in group was so important. I had a small loss and I was so disappointed. When I actually took a step back in group I realised all the things I was doing wrong. I wasn't weighing and measuring certain foods and I wasn't eating enough fruit and vegetables.

As I got to grips with the plan, I soon realised I could enjoy my life, eat loads and stil lose weight.

I got to my target in August 2018 and with that I learned the importance of good nutrition and the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle. This wasn't a quick fix - I finally learned how to eat properly while living my life to the fullest too.

Physically I felt great, I could finally shop the brands I wanted and had so much energy - but it was my confidence that really soared. Now I have no problem meeting strangers or speaking in public. I no longer have to worry about hiding myself in photos or worrying abo ut not finding a special outfit for an occasion.

Stepping through those doors three years ago was life-changing. Not only am I helping people, I've also set up my own business. I am now a Consultant in Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

I started last year in July 2019 and it has been a dream come through. When Covid-19 hit we adapted and went online, but now our group is reopening with a few changes to keep everyone safe and reassured. Our group is full of fantastic, supportive members. It's a wonderful place to start your weightloss journey. If I have any advice it's take the leap now - you won't regret it.

Stock up on lots of fruit and vegetables and put them in plain sight so they will be the first thing you reach for. If you find you're not using them all, at the end of the week, make sure that you're making a big batch soup so there's no waste.

If you are vegetarian take normal recipes and adapt them. For the Chicken Pasta Bake recipe you can swap out chicken for Quorn.

Find out what your trigger foods are early on. For me it's bread and wine. And then find healthier alternatives. Make sure that you're bringing some form of exercise into your day too, it will keep your mind focused.

Break exercise down into small bite-sized bursts. If you're dropping the kids off to school try walking in stead of taking the car. Build up your movement until it becomes part of your routine.

Journalling can also be really helpful, write down what you are eating and map our your meals for the weeks ahead.

Before: 14 Stone

Starting Weight: 14st

Current Weight: 11st

Total weight loss: 3st

Consultant: Charlotte Downey

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'Physically I feel great, I have so much energy and my confidence has soared' - Sunday World

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