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Oct 7

Actress Mishti Mukherjee dies of kidney failure, Keto diet cited as the reason – OpIndia

Actress Mishti Mukherjee who has worked in several films and music videos, died on 2nd October night in a hospital in Bengaluru. As per the reports, she was suffering from a kidney ailment. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi in 2012. According to a representative of the actress, her kidney failure was caused by keto diet she was using.

According to the official statement issued by the representative, Actress Mishti Mukherjee who marked her brilliance in many films and music videos with her ace acting is no more. Due to the keto diet, her kidney failed in Bangalore and she breathed her last on Friday night, the actress suffered a lot of pain. Unforgettable and unfortunate loss. May her soul rest in peace. She is survived by her parents and brother.

Keto diet regime is based on a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb diet. The main aim of this diet plan is to lose weight by achieving ketosis. This diet plans base is to cut off carbohydrate, which is the primary source of energy, from the diet and force the body to use stored fat to produce energy. This format of diet is highly popular among those who want to lose weight quickly.

Though the weight loss is definite, several studies have indicated that this diet can have an adverse effect on the health as it puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. Stones in kidneys are common among those who follow the Keto diet for a longer duration. Those who already have kidney disease are not recommended to follow the Keto diet.

In 2014, Mishtis brother and father were arrested from their home for allegedly running a pornographic CD and DVD supply racket. The actress had then denied the allegations. She said her four house-helps robbed her family members and placed the CD/DVDs with pornographic content to frame them.

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Actress Mishti Mukherjee dies of kidney failure, Keto diet cited as the reason - OpIndia

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