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Dec 26

5 Ways to Deal If Other People’s Food and Body Talk Triggers You – Self

3. Offer helpful resources for rethinking bodies, weight, and diets.

There are so many articles, websites, books, podcasts, and research studies on concepts like health at every size and intuitive eating. If the person youre talking to seems open to learning about these topics, offer to share resources that you have found to be helpful in shifting how you see health and weight. Always ask before offering up information because they may indeed not want to hear it. Here are some examples of how to do this gently:

Intuitive eating has really helped me develop a healthier relationship with food and my body. If youre interested in learning more, let me know and I can share some of my go-to resources.

I read this really great book that redefined how I saw health. I can let you borrow my copy or send you the title if you want to take a look.

I recently listened to this podcast episode that totally changed how I think about fitnessdo you want me to send you the link?

I actually discovered this new way of eating that is more about well-being over weight loss. I feel so much more liberated. Let me know if you want me to share some articles about it with you.

Lets face it. You may not have the energy to do any of the above, which is totally cool because its not your job to be an advocate for body respect to people who are really pushing your boundaries. Having these conversations can be great, but they can also be an energy suck, especially if you find yourself talking in circles. If youre not up for engaging in dialogue, sharing how you feel, or offering resources, find a way to change the subject. I do it all the time without any explanation. Oh, were talking about how great youve been doing because you ate salad all week? Cool, how are things going with work? What hobbies have helped you feel sane these past few months? Have you been reading anything good lately? What shows have you been watching? Questions like these will shift the conversation quickly, and you may be surprised at how quickly people forget about what they were talking about.

Self-preservation is incredibly important, and you should consider how youre going to feel based on your approach. If youve reached the point where youre literally done talking, see if you can work up the courage to just not say anything, walk away, leave the Zoom, or otherwise exit stage left. The logistics, as with the rest of this, really depend on your personality and also who you're dealing with. Maybe youre blunt and walk away from your mom mid-sentence after the umpteenth time of telling her you'd prefer not to discuss diets, or you may go the subtle route and say youre going to grab some wine (and never come back). Maybe you even pretend your internet connection is failing, and oh, no, you have to leave the family video chat! It all works. Ultimately, you get to decide if this is a conversation you want to engage with based on how youre feeling at that moment. One day you may walk away, another day you may be sharing podcast episodes.

Finally, remember that if you're feeling upset due to food and body talk, you should check in with yourself to figure out what kind of self-care may help. That can be a journey on its own, but tackling diet and body talk in the moment with these kinds of suggestions is a great first step.


5 Ways to Deal If Other People's Food and Body Talk Triggers You - Self

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