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Nov 28

‘1000 Pound Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Has COVID-19 – Talks About the Dangers – Soap Dirt

1,000 Pound Sisters starTammy Slaton has opened up about being tested positive for COVID-19. At the beginning of the filming of this TLC show, Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton, weighed over 1,000 pounds collectively. Being the heavier sister, Tammy weighed in at 605 pounds.

During the first few episodes of 1,000 Pound Sisters, it becomes very apparent that Tammys health is in danger. This is because of how overweight Tammy Slaton is. She and her sibling Amy Slaton are attempting to qualify for bariatric surgery to help them quickly lose weight, to save their lives.

Throughout the filming of the show, Tammy Slaton isnt cooperative about the efforts needed for her to lose weight. She and Amy Slaton are not only sisters, but they also live together. While living together, Amy takes care of Tammy.

Yet, Tammy constantly yells at and belittles Amy on1,000 Pound Sisters. While Amy Slaton makes efforts to lose weight by eating healthier and going to the gym, Tammy doesnt make the same efforts. Over time, this leads to an increased level of tension between them.

Recently, Tammy Slatonhas opened up about her diagnosis of COVID-19. She talks about updates of her health from her hospital bed. From the news that shes sharing, it doesnt seem like Tammy has made much weight-loss progress since season one of 1,000 Pound Sisters.

Since this celebrity is morbidly obese, its put her at increased risk of catching COVID-19. Not only does her weight put her at an increased risk, but any other health conditions that she has could make it easier for her to be at-risk.

And not only is shesuffering from the coronavirus. But, she also talks about how she has pneumonia. When sharing this update about her health, she does so with a smile on her face.

Also, she talks about other complications that she may be facing if she recovers from the virus. She also asks her fans for forgiveness, because she hasnt been responding to her followers since shes been sick. After apologizing to her fans, she explains that shes been in the hospital for three weeks.

And yet, this 1,000 Pound Sisterslead remains hopeful to get out of the hospital soon. Tammy Slaton explains that shes feeling much better now. She even says that shell be back to her old self very soon. Also, Tammy excitedly talks about how shes going to be back to living her best life as soon as shes released from the hospital.

To stay updated on the latest news about 1,000 Pound Sisters, check back with Soap Dirt.

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'1000 Pound Sisters': Tammy Slaton Has COVID-19 - Talks About the Dangers - Soap Dirt

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