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Aug 14

Woman is unrecognisable after losing 9st naturally see her amazing transformation – Daily Star


Frances Carpenter was raised by her doting single mum who spoilt her with food.

The 28-year-old indulged on greasy takeaways, crisps and sweets until she hit 23st 9lbs and ballooned to a dress size 26.

The software support engineer from California, US, never felt satisfied and was always haunted with self-esteem issues.

But one day she began experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision and frequent urination which shocked her into changing her lifestyle.

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Elora Harre, 23 has lost eight stone

After a complete U-turn in her diet and exercise routine Frances is now a slender 14st 8lbs and dress size 14-16.

She went from consuming over 2,000 calories a day to 1,600 a day, while started eating balanced meals and practicing portion control.

I was an emotional eater to put it lightly

Frances said: I have seen members of my family lose their life because of their weight and weight-related health issues, I just didnt want that to be me.

I have been overweight throughout my entire life from adolescence to my teen years; always turning to food as comfort for anything that didnt go my way.

I was an emotional eater to put it lightly.

"I went through high school overweight and by my last year of high school, I was around 17st 12lbs."


She continued: The way I grew up, my childhood was not the easiest; being raised by a single parent.

"Never having a father figure around I think contributed to most of my weight gain.

When I was younger, my mother never told me no, I think mostly out of guilt, she felt bad for our upbringing and food made me happy.

It wasnt right but at that point she was just doing anything to try and keep me smiling. I was really trying to fill a void in my life with food.

Even at a young age, I recognised something was missing and I wanted to fix it, I just didnt know how.

As much as she tried to shake the lonely feeling she had by over-eating, nothing was working and a voice in her head kept telling her there was no point trying to lose weight.

But after her health scare, Frances joined CrossFit a fitness programme dedicated to helping people improve their workout routines.

Frances explained: I couldnt sit and wait for some miracle any longer, I just had hit rock bottom and knew I needed to fix it and fast or it was only going to get worse.

I joined a Crossfit gym that completely changed my workout routine.

Crossfit incorporates every type of workout including cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, and strength training all at different intensity levels.


After growing up eating nothing but fast food, crisps and sweets, the weight loss process proved to be difficult for France but she soon felt better than ever.

She said: The hardest thing for me was the food; living my life one way, always eating whatever I wanted and never thinking whats good or bad for me then all of a sudden - a drastic change.

I was eating different foods, but my mind was still wanting to eat the way I used to.

"Changing my mindset was extremely hard, I am still working on it, but its a lot better than it was."


Frances added: I have had people not recognise me. People are usually shocked at my results. A lot of people congratulate me on the hard work I have put in.

Everyone wants to know how I did it, I get that a lot. Just a lot of hard work and dedication.

I feel healthy, I have tons of energy that I never had before. Im confident, proud and extremely happy. Words cannot describe the feeling.

I have enough confidence to share my story with thousands of people in hopes they also can see how capable they are.

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Woman is unrecognisable after losing 9st naturally see her amazing transformation - Daily Star

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