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Aug 23

Weight loss: Man lost over 18 stone with new diet plan and THIS small change –

Sharing his story to Reddit as user MikeMarx153, the man explained how he started out at 31 stone and four pounds before losing more than 18 stone over two years.

Explaining what he thought was the most important factor in his weight loss apart from diet and exercise, he said: It all came down to flawed thinking. For me, I think the fear of failure was most responsible.

Trying and failing at losing weight would only confirm the worst thoughts about myself. It would be further evidence that I wasnt deserving of a better life.

He revealed it was only when someone at his workplace got weight loss surgery and he knew he could use that as a back-up plan if he was unsuccessful on his own that he was able to consider starting to try to lose weight.

Going in to detail about he got to where he is today, MikeMarx153 said: To lose weight you have to swim against the current. You cant have the meals you see advertised on a regular basis, you cant fall for the latest health fad being pushed. You cant eat mindlessly like the majority of the population.

Weight loss is possible - I think this is another piece of flawed thinking that holds people back. Knowing that weight loss is possible is essential to success because it gives you control.

He also explained: Know what a reasonable amount of food looks like. I can honestly say that I had no idea how much I should be eating, or what it would look like, or what it should make me feel like.

My daily calorie goal has always been 1500, and so I tried to shoot for that, but I felt that I had a successful day if I was below 1700.

I also decided that I was going to quit cheating and eating between meals. No more extra piece of pizza, no more cookies in the break room, no more candy from the candy bowl.

"If I went a bit over 1500 because of my three meals that was one thing, but I wouldnt go over because I was snacking.

He reiterated: Count calories, use a food scale, and be honest with yourself. Plus, my Myfitnesspal journal is public (username mikemarx153), so you can just go there and look at what I did.

His final piece of advice, which comes as another man revealed how he lost three stone in four months, was to get to a place in your diet and exercise regime where its only a matter of time before you reach your goal.

He explained: This advice might be more controversial than it first appears. What it means is that I was often creating a caloric deficit larger than that traditional maximum of 1000 (including exercise). Im not saying thats right for everyone, but it worked for me.

The most important thing is that your calorie level be sustainable, so if you can only create a 500, or 250 calorie deficit, then do that.

As well as his key tips, MikeMarx153 shared some other general advice and said: Focus on the things in your life you enjoy that arent food and see treats for what they are.

Think about your favourite not-so-healthy food. Lets stick with Oreos. Do you realise the amount of Oreos you can eat in a lifetime? Thats tens of thousands of Oreos youll be eating, so you dont have to eat them all today.

He also revealed his current diet and exercise plan:

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Weight loss: Man lost over 18 stone with new diet plan and THIS small change -

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