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Aug 5

This is what sustainable weight loss looks like and how you can achieve it – GQ India

Food is life. It can provide comfort, fuel the body so we have more energy through the day and help us sleep better at night. Yet, for many of us, food has become a frenemy, something we constantly control to help us lose weight.

With more radical diets, those kgs might fall off quickly, but if its happening too fast, you can be sure youll pile em back on just as quickly.

It doesnt have to be like that, though. We reached out to Boston University alum and nutritionist Amrita Kotak (@reallife.dietitian on Instagram; Frise and Shine on YouTube) to understand what sustainable weight loss looks like and how to achieve it.

1. Maintain a healthy calorie deficit

To lose weight, you need to achieve a calorie deficit i.e. you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can do this by eating less food, or less high-calorie foods, and/or by exercising more. Apps such as HealthifyMe or Noom can help you keep track of your daily calorie consumption.

While the average person consumes 2,000kcals a day, you should calculate your individual basal metabolic rate or BMR, which is a measure of the calories you burn while at rest, using an online calculator such as bmi calculator, and then your daily calorie needs based on that. Aim for no more than a 500kcal deficit per day through a combination of diet and exercise.

2. Eat a balanced diet

Focus on including protein-rich foods and vegetables in all your meals as these will help you feel full without too many extra calories. Avoid refined carbs like maida found in foods like white bread, rice and pasta and replace them with wholegrain cereals and millets.

3. Moderate exercise is a must

Aim for at least 150 mins of moderate-intensity exercise per week (exercise that increases your heart rate by about 50 to 60 percent more than your resting heart rate). This will help build muscle mass, which in turn helps to burn more calories while youre resting. Your routine should include a mix of cardio and strength training.

4. Keep track of the numbers

With a deficit of 500kcal per day, you should aim to be losing 0.5kg per week and 2kg per month. If youre losing much less or much more than this magic number, pause and evaluate where you may be going off track.

5. Eat smart

Make these smart swaps, pronto. Replace fruit juice with whole fruit; semi-skimmed milk with full-fat milk, egg whites with whole eggs.

6. Stay the course

Dont judge the success of your weight loss diet purely on the basis of what the weighing scale says. There are other ways to gauge the success of your diet.

7. Don't forget your micronutrients

Ensure youre getting your micronutrients too essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the optimum functioning of your body. Do this by eating a variety of foods. The rainbow diet (consuming foods of different colours) is real.

8. Change it up

Sometimes you find that you lose some weight, and then plateau. The best way to get over this hump is to change up your exercise regime (introduce strength training, for example), or tweak your diet.

9. Eat mindfully

Avoid distractions like scrolling on your phone while eating or watching TV. Focus on each bite, savour your food and stop when youre feeling full. Paying attention to what you eat can go a long way in your sustainable weight loss journey.


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This is what sustainable weight loss looks like and how you can achieve it - GQ India

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