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Sep 10

This Is The Best Smoothie Recipe To Reset Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast, According To Nutritionists – SheFinds

Smoothies are a tried-and-true way to start your day with energy, protein, fiber and other nutrients needed to support a healthy metabolism. With that said, we checked in with registered nutritionists and health experts for a great smoothie recipe that not only promotes gut health, but can also help you lose weight healthily by keeping you fuller and energized for longer. Read on for tips, suggestions and an original recipe from Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet.

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From its nutrient-rich ingredients to its choice of milk, Richards offers a smoothie recipe that is perfect for countless diets, including gluten-free, vegan, etc. She deems her "Very Coconut Smoothie" to be "packed with age-fighting antioxidants and free of inflammatory ingredients." Richards explains that her "go-to smoothie" would include chia seeds, ground preferably.

"Chia is an often overlooked, but exceptionally healthy ingredient to add to your smoothie to make it healthier and provide you with more benefits than just a meal replacement," she says. This superfood, she notes, is "versatile and packs a lot of nutrition into a small package."

The ingredients Richardschose for this smoothie, she continues, arefull of "plant-based protein and healthy omega fatty acids," which is ideal for those on a plant-based diet. "Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve immune health, especially when needed to bring balance to someone's omega-6 fatty acid intake," shesays, indicating how this smoothie recipe can do wonders for your metabolism.

"Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and must be met with similar balance with Omega-3 to prevent damaging inflammation from occurring," she adds, as this inflammatory fatty acid is found in many processed convenience foods and refined oils.

As for milk,Richardssays she would "rather not add oat milk or other high fat milk alternatives because they are often a source of unnecessary calories." Most of the time, she stresses that they add "little in the way of taste or texture," but easily add calories to an otherwise healthy smoothie, which could deter your weight loss goals. "I'd rather save those for nutrient-dense ingredients like fruit," she concludes.


- 1cupunsweetened coconut milk (canned) - Coconut milk is the primary ingredient responsible for the age and disease fighting antioxidants.

- cupunsweetened coconut milk ice cubes (about 4 cubes)

- 2Tbsp.almond butter - Almonds contain vitamin E, which also acts as an antioxidant in the body and boosts skin health through moisture and elasticity.

- 1tsp.chia seeds - Chia provides a healthy, plant-based source of fat and protein. The fiber content helps keep you full to prevent overeating.

- 1tsp.alcohol free coconut extract

- 4dropsliquid stevia or tsp. powdered stevia

- Flaked coconut

Full Recipe

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This Is The Best Smoothie Recipe To Reset Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast, According To Nutritionists - SheFinds

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