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Aug 31

This Huge Secret About The Cheesecake Factory Just Got OutWHAT Is Happening – SheFinds

The Cheesecake Factory is just one of the many casual dining chains that are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

In fact, according to Business Insider, restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory are currently in a state of limbo due to the pandemic.

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Casual dining chain restaurants are being hit hard during the pandemic. These chains are currently working with limited dining capacity, and most lack drive-thru windows.

As a result, the article explains, "Casual dining brands are struggling far more than fast-food chains."


Some chains have started closing locations as well. The article continues, "Some chains are being forced to close locations, with TGI Friday's planning to shutter up to 20% of its US locations and Ruby Tuesday quietly closing more than 150 restaurants since January."


The Cheesecake Factory has made its own set of changes.

The chain announced their restaurant updates through their website, emphasizing that "the health and wellbeing of our staff members and guests is our top priority, and we are approaching the reopening of our restaurants dining rooms with that as our guiding principle."


To do so, they have implemented several changes to their restaurants. Some measures include: "reconfiguring seating in the dining room, patio and bar to meet social distancing guidelines, using floor decals to remind guests in our lobby and bakery areas to keep to social distancing protocols, [and] having dedicated staff through every meal period solely."

Customers also can pay for their food with contactless mobile payment.

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This Huge Secret About The Cheesecake Factory Just Got OutWHAT Is Happening - SheFinds

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