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Aug 14

Need/Want to Lose Weight? Run. – Uloop News

Ever look in the mirror and not like what you see? Well, I have. I have always had trouble keeping or maintaining a healthy weight. At a young age, I was criticized and humiliated for being fat or not perfect by societys standards.

After a while, I knew I had to make some drastic changes in my life and I was willing to put in the hard work to be healthy and to stop being bullied in school. I was name called, I was pushed around, and more importantly, I felt horrible about myself. What I learned is to move on and to change myself.

America has been plagued by obesity and it is a big issue today. Although, running was a key factor in helping me shed unwanted weight and I still do it to this very day. I think that running is the key to losing weight, along with other key factors. In high school, I joined my schools football team to lose the weight and I was able to.

Photo of a weight scale (taken by me)

Running this summer about three to five days a week, I was able to lose some weight and minimize the big belly that I had. Now, I am a lot more confident about myself and I feel better. Running is actually pretty relaxing and it can help relieve a lot of stress. Since I have not played a sport since my high school days, I run outside my apartment complex in New Jersey for about 35 minutes to an hour. Some days at most I run for an hour and 30 minutes, but that is rare for me and is on my good days.

I would rather do my running outside than doing the traditional treadmill any day. You might ask why? Well, I find that running outside for me at least is not as boring because there is scenery to look at and it can be more of a challenge. One of the challenges is running in the hot weather and obviously, you can sweat more. Usually, after I finish my run my whole shirt or most of it is drenched in sweat. Although, this is a benefit because this helps in losing the weight fast and easy.I also cannot run on a treadmill because it makes me dizzy for some reason and I will admit that sometimes I get scared of missing a step or falling off of the machine and being pointed out or embarrassed by others.

I noticed that after a couple of weeks of sweating and breathing hard that I was, in fact, losing weight. I stepped on my scale and was shedding off a couple of pounds every week or two. Since the beginning of the summer, I have been able to lose 15 to 20 pounds. Additionally, I was building up my stamina too because I would do about 100-meter full speed sprints in between my runs. Despite the research saying that running is bad for you, I notice it is a great way to build stamina and lose weight effectively.

Photo found on Pexels

However, eating right is the other side of the constant battle. When I started my running routine I had to minimize junk food and eating late at night. I could not run for very long at first too because of how out of shape I was and how hard I was breathing. After a couple of days, I could see improvement in breathing and was able to run longer. I also drank a lot of water and stayed hydrated, always bringing a bottle of water with me during my run. It is essential to stay hydrated. Before I would even go outside to run, I made sure I had my Beat headphones for music that brings added motivation.

If a person wants, they can also lift weights. So that way you will not be losing a lot of muscle by running. Lifting weights at the same time could help maintain muscle mass.

What I learned after a while is that we cannot completely change our genetics or how our bodies are. We are all blessed with a different shape and everyone has their own imperfections. Our society glorifies unrealistic standards of beauty and shape that is almost impossible to obtain. No one is perfect in this world, so neither should our bodies be.

Being happy is the key to life and it always should be. But, if you want to lose some weight and in the right way, then run. It helped me out significantly and it can you too.

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