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Aug 5

Man who ate fast food for lunch every day sheds third of his body weight in year – The Mirror

Jarred Aslett, 32, has transformed his body after 12 years of gaining weight saw him pile on a whopping 15 stone - and he's not finished yet

Image: Jam Press/@ jaycrushesit)

A man who topped the scales at 34 stone after binging on junk food and booze has lost more than a third of his body weight in just one year.

Jarred Aslett, 32, from Idaho in the US, started gaining weight at university when he stopped exercising and started partying.

He said: "I lived in a fraternity and developed unhealthy habits. I decided I was going to 'live fast and die young'.

"I never paid attention to how big I was getting because frankly, I didnt care. I was drinking alcohol to deal with trauma from my past."

Jarred explains he never ate excessive amounts of food, but everything he put in his mouth was unhealthy.



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"That, coupled with the number of calories I was drinking in alcohol, led to the steady gain," he said. Over 12 years, Jarred gained 15 and a half stone.

On a normal day, he would eat deep-fried fast food for lunch and a frozen pizza or mac and cheese for dinner - paired with thousands of calories in alcohol.

"It was not uncommon for me to drink 2,000 calories in alcohol three to four times a week.

"Eventually it started catching up to me and I was putting on the weight fast."

After his long-term relationship ended Jarred reached rock bottom and knew he had to make a change - but instead of starting with his physical health, he prioritised his mental wellbeing.

He said: "My first step was to talk to someone, to figure out why I was binge-drinking and work through my past trauma instead of just trying to mask it.

"Most people do not get to that size without something going on in their head."

While he worked on his mental health, Jarred started making healthier lifestyle choices too - overhauling his diet by choosing to eat lean meat and vegetables and cutting out the booze.

When lockdown hit, he also started a strict exercise regime.

He said: "I was walking my dog, Layla, every day, lifting weights five times a week, and riding an exercise bike 20 miles every night.

"Since then, I just focus on good whole foods, lean protein and make sure I am in a calorie deficit."


A year on, Jarred has lost more than 13 stone.

Looking back on his body before the incredible transformation, Jarred said: "Looking in the mirror before was hard. At the same time, it was my biggest motivation.

"I absolutely hated what I saw and I was brutally honest with myself. I would say things I would never say to another human."

Now, he's happier with his reflection but has been left with lots of excess skin due to the drastic weight loss.


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He said: "I like to say I am happy with the progress, but still not satisfied. I have more work to do.

"I am still not satisfied with how I look but it gets better every day.

"I have put my body through a lot, and its going to take some time to fix it."

He added he'd like to lose another four stone before having an operation to sort out the excess skin.

In February, Jarred took the brave step to make his social media accounts public and has become a social media star, with over 190,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram.

And people have been blown away by his weight loss success - showering him with praise for his transformation.

He said: "Having the freedom to travel and do things I enjoy has truly given me my life back.

"I'm no longer just existing, I am living life to the fullest."

Since losing a third of his weight, Jarred has been able to return to exercise he wasn't able to do for years due to his size, including snowboarding and surfing.

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