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Aug 21

How to lose weight in a week – GQ India

If you want to lose weight in one week what you need is a very effective weight-loss plan. Although this may not be a long-termsolution to your fat loss journey,these few stepscan serve as a great beginning to your journey to lose weight, look good and motivate you to make long-term sustainable changes to your lifestyle. But for the short term, following these steps willhelp you shed those extra kilos before that upcoming beach vacation or that party next week. (ALSO READ This guy lost 24 kg in 16 weeks heres how he did it)

The short answer is yes. While it is possible to lose weight in a week, that weight wont necessarily pure body fat.The calorie deficit that is needed to burn every single kilo of fat makes it dangerous to lose a lot of weight in such a short time. That being said it isnt entirely impossible to lose weight in a week and look lean. What will happen is that you will mostly lose excess water weight and some body fat.As a result you will lookleaner (and hopefully get the motivation you need to get started on a longer weight-loss journey). This is how to lose weight in a week:

This may be a pretty straightforward thing to spell out.But hey, whohasnt skipped a meal (or three) just to lose weight? The problem is skipping meals doesnt help you lose weight. In fact it is counterproductive to your goal.Our body needs a regular supply of nutrients to keep itfunctioning. Allowing large gaps between meals can lead to undesirable physical symptoms such as headache, lethargy, intense hunger which may result in overeating. Skipping meals also slows downyour metabolism, thereby making you actually gain weight rather than lose it. In order to lose weight, you must followa healthyeating pattern and eat threemeals that willhelp you sustain through the day. Try not to go morethan fourhours between meals and let those meals be healthy with reasonable portion sizes.

The nature of our jobs makesus consume lesser water than our body needs. Air conditioned offices, free coffee machines and soft drink dispensers are often easy (not to mention unhealthy) alternatives to water.With lowered calories and carbs, water is the perfect slim-down drink as compared to energy drinks or protein shakes (which are usually high in sugar). Drinking waterdoesnt just help in cleansing and flushing out excess fat, but also increases your metabolism. Its ideal to drink a minimum of twolitres (or about eightglasses) a day.Drink water about 30 minutes before a meal to reduce your hunger pangs and make you feel fuller. It will also aid digestion.

If youre not following a diet, ensure that each meal contains proteins which can boost your metabolism. Start your day with a protein filled breakfast that will help you sustain the entire day. Ensure every meal contains one protein source, one low carb and one low-fat source. Fill your plate with spinach, lettuce, cucumber, kale and other low carb veggies. Healthy protein sources include like chicken, fish and eggs which help keep you stomach filled. Avacoda oil, coconut oil and olive oil are healthier alternatives to fat sources.

Again, pretty straightforward huh? But again, this is easier said than done. That being said,the easiest way to lose weight is to reduce your sugar intake. Foods with sugared starch tend to stimulate insulin secretion. Insulin is theprimary fat storage hormone in the body. So when insulin levels fall, your body starts to burn fats instead of carbs. Lower insulin levelsalso helps your body lose excess sodium and water that reduces bloating. The moment you cut on sugar and starch from your diet you will find a significant change in your body weight.

Whole foods such as fresh fruits, raw seeds, eggs, in their natural and unaltered state, are always healthier as compared to processed food. Packed with more nutrients including vitamins and minerals whole foods contain fewer additives like sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, unhealthy fats and preservatives compared to processed foods.

Ideally one must have 2-3 meals a day to maintain your metabolism rate. But pick the wrong snack and these meals could leave you feeling hungry. It is always easy toreach out to that bag of chips or order in fries from your favorite fast food joint but losing weight requires sacrifice and choosing the right snack is just one of them.

Research has proven that people who eat fast gain more weight over time. We are rarely conscious of our eating patter and tend to swallow our food rather than chew and savour it. Apart from, well actually being able to enjoy your meal, eating slowly helps reduce hunger pangs and higher levels of satiety between meals. It also helps in better digestion. We could go on but you get the point, right?

No matter how much you change your food habits,a little bit of exercise always goes a long way in losing weight and feeling good. Apart from helping you lose weightfaster, cardiovascular exercises also release endorphins, which makes you happier and more cheerful. You could undertake aHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session but if you havent worked out before (or for a long time) it is always advisable to start slow. And theres nothingbetter than a 30-minute cardiovascular workout every single day. So go for a run, dust off that bicycle or just hitany of the cardio machines in the gym. (ALSO READ Best cardio exercises for fat loss)

The advantages of sleeping well are one too many to be listed here. But lets just say sleeping for an extra 30-60 mins helps you refresh your mind and sets you up for the day. Sleeping for7-8 hours every day doesnt just get you chipper in the mornings but also boostsyour metabolism and also helps muscle recovery.


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How to lose weight in a week - GQ India

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