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Nov 5

Dry Fasting: Health Benefits of This Lesser Known Yet New Way to Fitness – News18

As people are more concern into maintaining their health hygiene and fitness, new ways of losing weight and dieting have emerged. Fasting is a technique people follow to detoxify, lose weight and balance their health. Well, have you heard of Dry Fasting? It is a way of fasting in which you abstain yourself from both food and water throughout the fast.

Though it is very dangerous with the risk of dehydration and other complications, but it gives many health benefits including weight loss, strengthen immunity and improve the overall health of the person.

It also aids in improving the skin, hair, energy levels, insulin sensitivity, better sleep, and so much more. The most fascinating thing of fasting is that it enhances the overall health i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Benefits of Dry fasting

-- Weight loss: It is an effective way of losing weight because of the restriction of calories intake. Many researchers have found that regular and repeated dry fasting is safe under the guidance of a dietitian and proper precaution.

-- Enhanced Immune Function: It boosts the immune system of the body by regenerating new cells. Furthermore, many evidences have pointed out that limiting the calories except water reduces inflammation and shields the immune system.

-- Reduced Inflammation: Dry fasting is known to reduce inflammation as studies observed that pro-inflammatory cytokines levels were reduced in adults who observed one-month fasting during holy months of Ramadan.

-- Skin Health: Research has found that fasting promotes wound healing and slows down premature ageing signs. While drinking an adequate amount of water is known to enhance skin health.

Side Effects of Dry Fasting

-- Tiredness: The lack of food and water can make you feel fatigued, weak and lethargic.

-- Irritability and Headaches: As hunger increases and energy level gets low, you might have headaches and feel cranky and disturbed.

-- Dehydration: If you have continuous dry fasting, it may cause dehydration which results in electrolyte imbalance and hypotension which can be fatal.

-- Kidney Problems: Severe dehydration due to dry fasting can lead to urinary tract infection (UTI) and kidney stones.

-- Hypo glycaemia: Avoiding food and water can lower down the blood sugar levels drastically that can result in hypoglycemia.

Dry fasting can benefit you in many ways, however you should take precaution and advice to avoid unwanted health complications.

Dry Fasting: Health Benefits of This Lesser Known Yet New Way to Fitness - News18

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