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Jun 26

5 ways to boost your metabolism & lose weight –

Madeline Cuddihy, WUSA 10:21 AM. MDT June 26, 2017

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Though yo-yo dieting has told us many things, one of the most important tasks is keeping your body healthy - not just dieting! By boosting your metabolism naturally you can lose the weight & stay strong!

1. Don't just cut carbs - add fiber.

Adding fiber to your diet promotes a healthy guy bacteria which helps absorb a lot of bloating that happens in your stomach region.

2. Lift weights!

Don't just rely on cardio. Weight training at least 3 times per week is important to rev your metabolism and burn fat.

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3. Eat protein at every meal

Eating more proteins at every meal, even in little ways like nuts and shakes for snacks, stores those calories as muscle rather than fat.

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4. Don't be afraid of the night time fast.

Save those late night popcorn snacks and instead try for a 10 - 12 hour fast between your dinner and breakfast every day!

5. Practice healthy mind, healthy body.

it sounds simple, but studies say meditating at least once a day can change your entire heart health & boosts positive choices. Take those 5 minutes to focus on you instead of what you're eating next!

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5 ways to boost your metabolism & lose weight -

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