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Nov 11

TEAM Bootcamp | Military Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Boot …


TEAM Bootcamp Training is not your usual training (which is why you get superior results). Our Training works equally well for those in search of Massive Weight Loss, as it does for Elite Military Forces and Professional Athletes Because its tailored to YOUR ability. This means youll be able to participate fully and get maximum personal results, alongside your fellow campers, who will range across all levels of physical ability.

WORK VS RECOVERYAnother reason TEAM Bootcamp Training is going to get better results for you is that we have struck the perfect balance between Work and Recovery. Unlike other boot camps that simply aim to run you into the ground until youve got nothing left (increasing the chance of injury and illness) we ensure youre always fit and able to give it your all, being able to work at a higher level, and get even more out of your training.

We include daily clinics, enforced rest, active recovery days and an all-out rest day for those staying with us longer than a week, to facilitate recovery.

Dont be fooled though The Work is designed to push you further than you ever thought your body could take you, which is a truly life-changing experience for many.

Its been described as being like flicking a mental switch, which proves to yourself that youre capable of so much more than you previously believed you were. This training not only forges a much fitter, healthier and happier body in the shortest time possible it also gives you an inner strength you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

THE TRAINING FACILITIESWeve invested a lot in making sure TEAM Bootcamp has the best possible facilities to train you to the best possible standard and delivery you the best possible result.

This Includes:

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TEAM Bootcamp | Military Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Boot ...

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