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5 things to consider while choosing an effective weight loss program shares Dietitian Tanvee Tutlani – Telangana Today

Published: Published Date - 05:55 PM, Sun - 31 July 22

A weight loss program is necessary if you wish to track your progress and see your desired results. When you are on your weight loss journey, sticking to a weight loss plan that is customized for you is much more beneficial than just including random changes in your diet.

However, not all weight loss program works for everyone. A weight loss program looks into your past medical history, body type, lifestyle, and your sleeping and eating patterns, and it is designed after that. So, it is essential to consider certain things before you choose your weight loss plan. Dietitian and nutritionist Tanvee Tutlani firmly believes that everybody is different, so the requirement varies too. She has different weight loss programs for women suffering from PCOS and PCOD, a curated program for post-pregnancy weight gain and one for obesity.

Tanvee feels that your weight loss plan does not only mean having a diet chart and an exercise routine. An effective weight loss program will significantly change your physical health and lead you toward a healthier lifestyle.

So, here are 5 key things to consider before choosing a weight loss program

1. long-term plan

Weight loss plans that promise to shed kilos within a week or two weeks often wreak havoc on the body. While you may have temporary results, there are high chances of gaining weight again once the plan is done. So, it is important to opt for a weight loss plan that is long-term and aids in the long run for your body. A long-term plan will help you change your unhealthy habits or eating disorders which are beneficial for your health.

2. A customized diet plan

Skipping your favorite meals and substituting them with plain, bland foods will not keep you motivated during your weight loss journey. Nutrition plays an 80% role in your weight loss journey. While choosing a weight loss plan, opt for those where you can have your preferred food in their healthier version. Also, the diet must be realistic. A complicated diet plan makes it easy to lose track and feel discouraged.

3. Physical activity of your choice

Exercise is required to cut off that extra flab from the unwanted body parts. However, never opt for an activity or an exercise routine you detest. If you prefer a Zumba workout or like to go for a run, choose that. So, having a flexible weight loss plan is necessary as it will allow you to pick and choose as per your preferences.

4. Having monthly goals

One of the most effective ways to see positive outcomes in your weight loss journey is to have monthly goals. A curated weight loss plan will have certain goals that will keep you on track and will rejuvenate you every month to hit the next target.

5. A well-researched weight loss plan

Consult a certified dietitian and nutritionist for your weight loss plan. They will do thorough research on you and will suggest you the best suitable weight loss plan. When your plan comes from a credible source, you see quick results and are free from any harmful side effects of a particular plan.

Make your weight loss journey fun by picking the right one for yourself.

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5 things to consider while choosing an effective weight loss program shares Dietitian Tanvee Tutlani - Telangana Today

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