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Nov 23

US : 5 reasons why eating vegetables every day helps you lose weight and live longer – Explica

Not in vain since we are children, our moms they did not tire of insisting on the importance of eat vegetables daily. Although it is one of the most fundamental recommendations in all balanced nutrition, according to information released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily intake should range between 400-500 grams of vegetables a day. Unfortunately few people manage to meet the established targets, which translates into low consumption of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

However, the question is not limited only to the nutritional aspect, choosing better what we eat by consciously increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is key in Good health and one better life quality. They contain extremely valuable nutrients for the fulfillment of different processes and are considered one of the more faithful allies to lose weight.

In a particular way vegetables are too important for the body: They are key to feel well, have an optimal weight and prevent diseases. Its habitual consumption is related to great benefits for heart health, brain function, are essential for a good digestive and intestinal health, very moisturizing, contain numerous antioxidants that are very useful against free radicals, are a great ally against aging and fill us with quality energy, in such a way that they improve physical and mental performance. Its essential nutrients are very valuable for the fulfillment of different processes in the body and are considered one of the more faithful allies to lose weight, effectively and safely.

Regardless of the variant, the vegetables stand out for their unmatched dietary fiber content, which is related to great benefits related to the weightloss. In principle, the fiber gives them a great satiating power, at the same time the combination between your high water and fiber content makes them provide a feeling of satisfaction higher (especially compared to simple carbohydrates). In such a way that they are the perfect nutritional supplement for control appetite, the anxiety to eat and consume a lower daily caloric intake.

Integrate a abundant consumption of vegetables in the daily dietIt is not only necessary nutritionally speaking; is an aspect essential to lose weight. They represent one of the best food alternatives for lose weight without starving and without becoming a prisoner of count calories at all times. They are related to important aspects of losing weight:

They control the appetite and are the best snack between meals. They are rich in fiber and therefore satiating.They fight bloating and fluid retention, help to eliminate everything we do not need. They are a great ally of good digestion and very useful to prevent constipation.They are very low in calories and rich in essential nutrients. They fill any weight loss plan with colors and versatility.

Another of the great qualities of the high content in fiber of vegetables, is related to their big benefits for balance sugar levels (glucose) in the blood. Normally, depending on the variant, they are considered low glycemic index foods, in such a way that they are of great help to Avoid blood glucose spikes. These types of alterations are related to declines in energy Y sweet food cravings, vegetables are ideal to avoid these conditions that are related to weight gain.

Probably one of the greater benefits of the consumption of vegetables, is related to their benefits for enhance intestinal health. The high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and fiber they contain, makes them the best ally for regulate bowel function. In combination with a high water consumption, vegetables positively feed the intestinal flora, eliminate common digestive ailments and are of great help to ensure a good process of purification of the organism. Good gut health is key to a rapid and effective weight loss, and also to enjoy a strong immune system.

Several studies show that a diet rich in a variety of vegetables, can help decrease hardening of the arteries, help lower cholesterol levels, and help prevent inflammation, a component of many degenerative diseases as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers. The researchers also believe that their antioxidant power (vitamins C and E), your wealth in minerals and trace elements, are the perfect formula to protect the body from chronic diseases.

The best of all is that today it is becoming easier to integrate vegetables in our diet, more taking into account the huge benefits to follow a plant-based diet. Vegetables are life, they fill us with vitality and energy, are colorful, generous and depending on the season of the year they provide exact nutrients for the organism. Always choose to select the fresh and seasonal variantsare a nutritional treasure and a great way to save and of course gain a lot of health.

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US : 5 reasons why eating vegetables every day helps you lose weight and live longer - Explica

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