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Jun 10

Over 40 and struggling to lose weight? Here are a few tips to help you cope – Economic Times

Forty is the new thirty - This may be the catchphrase we like to believe but our biology is yet to understand it. As life expectancy increases with advent of better medical facilities and vaccines, and we enjoy more of our lives in our late 30s and early 40s, one issue that plagues everyone circling 40 is weight gain. In some cases it may be sudden and in others a steady increase in kilos post 35-years that is hard to get rid off.

If you are someone who has given up sugar, and is increasing the duration you spend on the treadmill and still not seeing results, you are not alone. Post 40, it becomes harder to shed the extra pounds, and that is because our body metabolism gets slower, therefore, weight loss regimen would require better strategizing. Attention has to be paid to certain health factors which we often tend to ignore. Heres the low down.

Get Your Thyroid Checked

Keep Sodas & Alcohol At Bay It doesnt help if you have stopped putting sugar in your tea and are eating healthy meals everyday, if you continue to do so with a glass of soda or alcohol on the side. Occasional drinking is a different thing but if you hold an alcohol glass at least three times per week, thats your answer to the question, why cant I lose weight?. Most alcohols are sneaky, they pack a lot of calories, and not just ruin your organs but also make you gain weight while doing so. Should you be opting for it regularly? We are no expert, but definitely ask a doctor.

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Focus on Building Muscle MassIt isnt enough to hit the gym everyday, if you want significant results, you will have to work for targeted weight loss and a bit of gain too. Yes, post 40, people tend to lose muscle mass, especially women who have undergone menopause. This loss may make you physically weak and give your body a less toned appearance. If you want to change that opt for weight lifting and muscling building exercise, after consulting a doctor of course.

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Over 40 and struggling to lose weight? Here are a few tips to help you cope - Economic Times

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