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Dec 27

Jenny Craig: Everything You Need to Know Before Trying This Program 2021 Update – Observer

For people who want to start a healthy, weight loss diet but cant due to the complicated nature of it, theyre in luck. Theres a weight loss program called Jenny Craig that will deliver healthy pre-packaged meals at your doorstep, which completely takes complexity out of the equation. The meals delivered are low on calories and ready to eat. The service has its own Jenny Craig diet plan tailor made to its subscribers requirements for the most effective weight loss. Think of it as the start to a healthy lifestyle.

The Jenny Craig Program was founded in Melbourne, Australia by Jenny and Sydney Craig back in 1983 as an ultimate service to help people lose weight in the most healthy and efficient way possible. Just 2 years later, in 1985, the Jenny Craig Program came to the US. Today, it has over 600 weight management centers worldwide.

After reading that the first question you may ask is why would anyone need it? Cant a person do all of that himself/herself. Well, they most definitely can but it isnt easy. Most fitness enthusiasts have to go out of their way to count calories and make sure their diet and exercise can satisfy their weight goals. Most people who aspire to be fit get put off by these complications and the Jenny Craig program is targeted towards those very people.

Think about it, you not having to worry about the calories in what youre eating while losing weight and getting ready to eat food at your doorstep. Thats what we would call a fitness enthusiasts paradise. As you shall see in the menu later on, theres a wide variety of healthy meals and snacks to choose from and its not something boring, that most people believe healthy eating to be.

You might not believe it, but following the Jenny Craig program is not complicated at all. Your whole process of weight loss, from start to finish, can be done in 4 really simple steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Signing Up

As it would be necessary for any type of subscription service, you have to sign up first. To do that, you have 2 options. You can either head to The Jenny Craig website and sign up online or you can physically visit a local Jenny Craig center if its nearby.

During the Covid pandemic, however, we would recommend doing it online. This is a paid membership and requires a fee for work. There are multiple meals plans available, all with their own price and benefits. You have to choose one that best suits your budget requirements and youll be god to go in the sign up stage.

Step 2: Meeting a Consultant

Once youre done with the signing up process in Step 1, a Jenny Craig consultant will be assigned to you. Again, you can either meet them physically or virtually online (we still emphasize on keeping it online). The consultant is there to guide you in every step of the way. You can discuss your weight loss goals and problems you have with the diet. Anything. And theyll help you get the best possible meal to trim that fat.

Youll only need to meet them twice a week at first and then, if you get the hang of it yourself, meet them less frequently. The consultant is claimed to be professional enough to figure out your strengths and help you use them to your advantage.

Step 3: Eating and Exercising

Then comes the most effective part, eating. The daily Jenny Craig diet consists of 3 entres and 2 snacks which can either be picked up from the Jenny Craig Centre or directly delivered to your home. There are over a 100 items to choose from in the Jenny Craig menu and well discuss it in detail on the Menu section.

Along with the diet, it is also important to perform the exercises recommended by your consultant. Diet alone cannot help you reach your weight loss goal so its important that you also focus on physical activity. The exercise along with the proper diet will make sure that you reach your goal weight in the earliest time possible.

Step 4: Transitioning Back

You cant be subscribed to this program forever so youll eventually have to phase it out. Once youre halfway there with your goal weight youll need to stop relying on the Jenny Craig food and slowly integrating home cooked meals in your diet. The diet plan and recipes for your home cooked meals will be provided by your consultant.

Even once youve completely phased out the Jenny Craig meal, you can still have weekly consultation with your consultant for diet and exercise tips as long as you still have the membership.

Also, the knowledge youve gained through this program will also help you prepare healthy meals on your own and stay in shape for as long as you possibly can.

Lose up to16 poundsin your first4 weeks Try Jenny Craig Now!

In case you want to know what the Jenny Craig menu looks like, its basically a 2-3 course meal depending on what package you go for. Even with the most basic plan, you get Breakfast and Lunch. As mentioned earlier, you either have the option of having it delivered at your doorstep or you can physically go to a Jenny Craig weight management center to pick up your own meals.

Its all a healthy, low fat diet for the best calorie control possible. In addition to these regular meals, fresh fruit like strawberries, oranges, nectarines, apples, watermelons, kiwi, and avocado; vegetable like kale, lettuce, onion, garlic, beets, and celery; dairy products like Greek yogurt; and fresh herbs can also be bought separately from the Jenny Craig program.

In case you havent noticed, all these foods are rich in proteins and fibers and low on carbohydrates. This is essential for weight loss. At the earlier stages, sugary foods will probably be prohibited for a couple of weeks but then youll be allowed to have them once in a while later. Consumption of alcohol is also highly discouraged in this program but, like sugary foods, you can have it later in moderate amounts.

As mentioned earlier all of these are prepared by the Jenny Craig Center and you can either go to the center or get it delivered to your house. The meals are packaged and are ready to eat. This means that no cooking is required, which allows you to take your time out for other pastimes. To view the complete menu of Jenny Craig, Visit its official website!



Everyone is different and therefore might have different health plans. Your consultant might try his/her best to give you the best diet but they dont know about your health conditions. Its always better to consult with your doctor before trying out the new diet and exercises.

Does Jenny Craig Work?

Yes, it does. And if you have any doubts regarding this, head over to the Jenny Craig website and there youll find countless success stories of happy clients who successfully managed to reach their goal weight with this program.

Does Jenny Craig work for all ages?

The Jenny Craig program is designed for people of ages 13 and up. Based on your age, your consultant will recommend the best possible meal and exercise plan, which best suits your metabolism for an effective weight loss.

Can I really do Jenny Craig anywhere?

Yes, this program offers the flexibility of getting your meals and meeting your consultant either physically or online. If you live nearby a Jenny Craig center then all is well. Otherwise you can contact your consultant on call and get your meals delivered anywhere.

Can I really do Jenny Craig anywhere?

Yes, this program offers the flexibility of getting your meals and meeting your consultant either physically or online. If you live nearby a Jenny Craig center then all is well. Otherwise you can contact your consultant on call and get your meals delivered anywhere.

Finally, we come to pricing. As mentioned earlier, this doesnt come in cheap and it has multiple costs attached to it. The one time initial subscription fee is around $100. Theres also a $20 monthly fee that you need to pay to stay in the membership. Apart from that, you also need to pay separately for the meals provided, which can cost around $150 per week depending on what you get.

The weekly meal plans are as follows:

Simple Meal Plan $12.99

Essential Meal Plan $19.49

Rapid Results Complete Weight Loss Plan $22.49

A little bit steep but if you consider all the convenience, service, and benefits that youre getting by this program, it is worth every penny. There might not be any other service that offers this level of convenience and dedication to your weight loss goals and theres definitely not another program which will deliver the pre-packaged food to your doorstep. If you need weight loss and if you can pay for it, then do get the Jenny Craig subscription.

However, as its mentioned in one of the cons, do consult your doctor to confirm that you dont have any problem that might cause problems with this diet. In normal circumstances its completely safe. However, not everything is suitable for everyone so its better to be safe than sorry.

If you want more information regarding this program, head over to the link below to check out their website and, if youre convinced, sign up.

Visit the Official Website of Jenny Craig Here!

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Jenny Craig: Everything You Need to Know Before Trying This Program 2021 Update - Observer

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