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Jan 3

Top tips to lose weight in 2022 – "It’s OK to walk before you run" – Winsford Guardian

MANY people will be looking to lose weight in 2022 and here are some top tips from local experts.

Louise Hough has a Slimming World group in Winsford at Wharton Trinity Church Hall on Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Here are her top tips:

What youre eating is much more important than how much.

Swapping high calorie, unsatisfying foods (think chocolate, alcohol, pastries) for foods that are lower in calories and more bulky, so they fill you up for longer, is key to losing weight.

Some quick and easy changes include using less fat when you cook, swapping full fat dairy products for low fat or fat free, ditching sugary drinks in favour of low calorie drinks and adding more fruit and veg to your daily meals.

Many people make the mistake of joining a gym, overdoing it in week one and quickly giving up, thinking exercise isnt for me.

Finding an enjoyable, achievable, and sustainable way of building new active habits into your routine is key.

A Slimming World survey of 1,700 slimmers showed that when they did have a slip up, being self critical was more likely to lead to comfort eating and giving up completely, whereas when they kind to themselves they got back to healthy eating more quickly.

Its hard to achieve a goal if you dont set it out clearly in the first place.

And when youre thinking about your dream weight, dont be afraid to be ambitious.

To avoid becoming trapped in a yo-yo diet cycle, its important to approach weight loss as a permanent change to your lifestyle and focus on developing new healthy habits that are sustainable for life, as well as getting support to make those changes.

An all-or-nothing approach is rarely effective when it comes to weight loss.

A little bit of what you fancy is key!

That might be a Saturday night glass of wine or a bit of chocolate in the evenings.

Studies show that embarking on your weight loss journey alongside other slimmers brings more success than going it alone.

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Top tips to lose weight in 2022 - "It's OK to walk before you run" - Winsford Guardian

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