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Aug 1

Shaquille O’Neal shaved 50lbs of pandemic weight through 4 workouts a week – The Sportsrush

NBA Players are supreme athletes, even if they reach the ripe old age of 50. Shaquille ONeal showed off this capacity by shedding 50lbs!

Athletes, especially professional athletes can get in shape fairly quickly. No matter the age or current status, they have the experience and the ability to gain or lose weight rather quickly.

This is very evident in their transformation from when they were in their rookie years to their primes. NBA players especially have gone from looking skinny to putting on pounds and pounds of muscle.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, is one example but perhaps the biggest one is Shaquille ONeal. The center arrived in the league slender and strong, and he was dominant almost off the bat.

However, he rapidly gained weight and started to increase his explosive strength along with a supreme ability to score in the post. There was no stopping him.

During his career, he went from 290lbs during his rookie year to a whopping 395lbs during his final year with the Lakers. The drastic loss and gain helped him adjust his game to a great degree and exploit his opponents.

But his real adventure came after retirement and, in fact, it happened just a few months ago.

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As per Shaq himself, he had gained a significant amount of weight during the pandemic. Staying locked up in the house and consuming calories meant that the big man went through a significant weight change.

He decided that he had ballooned enough and didnt want to be ridiculed for it, *cough* Charles Barkley *cough*. So he put himself through the paces.

As per reports and comments from Jewel Wicker of Mens Health magazine, Shaq put himself through four workouts per week!

He typically trains four days a week now for about an hour, blasting through 20 minutes of cardio and banging out 40 minutes of strength work.

The goal? Jewel says, He wants to slim down to 350 pounds and be ripped enough to go topless and post an Instagram thirst trap for his 50th birthday in March.

He also doesnt want his belly to go over his belly. As per Jewel, He doesnt want to develop the dreaded OTBB, or over-the-belt Barkley, as he puts it.

It is funny to see this banter between Shaquille and Charles motivate him enough to lose weight. As long as it resulted in something good, its great.

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Shaquille O'Neal shaved 50lbs of pandemic weight through 4 workouts a week - The Sportsrush

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