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Mar 12

76-Year-Old Grandma With Unbelievable Physique, Shares Anti-Aging Secret: Dont Be Fooled by Quick Fixes – EssentiallySports

A little over half a decade ago, Joan MacDonalds health was in tatters. The 76-year-old was so overweight she had trouble walking up a flight of stairs and suffered from arthritis. However, when she was around 70 years old, things got worse. MacDonalds doctor said she would need to take more meds as her blood pressure steadily increased. Sensing that she was crossing the point of no return, Joan MacDonald decided to make a change. With the help of her fitness coach-daughter, the grandma began bodybuilding.

Recently, Joan MacDonald turned 76. The fitness influencer with 1.7 million Instagram followers posted a before and after photograph where she compared her 46-year-old self with her 76-year-old self. MacDonald also shared her anti-aging secrets.


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The before and after collage contained a still of MacDonald from when she was 46 and overweight, wearing a swimming costume. While the picture on the right is a recent photo of the influence at 76. Despite being three decades older, MacDonald looks fitter than her 46-year-old self. Your habits will either make time your enemy or your friend, the 76-year-old wrote in the caption.

MacDonald turned back the clock with weight training and bodybuilding. I had NO IDEA I would end up where I am today, I just focused on trying to make better choices every day, wrote the 76-year-old grandma. She also shared five tips that helped her get fit after 70.

Keep a journal to put your thoughts and feelings down in words, was her first tip. Her second tip was to develop a support system of like-minded souls. Even virtual friends count, wrote the fitness influencer. She also told her followers to start with a few great daily habits.

According to MacDonald, simple yet effective habits like drinking 2 to 3 liters of water to having some protein with every meal makes a difference. Work on mindset as well, by meditating or reading books, was her fourth tip. Her fifth and final tip was, get some exercise in!! even training for 30 mins would do.

She also reminded her followers that success doesnt come overnight, So please dont be fooled by quick fixes. Joan MacDonalds inspiring transformation continues to inspire many.


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Over the years, the author of Flex Your Agehas inspired many to lose weight and adopt a healthier way of life. However, her inspiring story has changed the lives of those like 65-year-old Susan Guidi. Guidi, who also suffered from weight-related problems, stumbled upon the then-74-year-old MacDonald.

Her story inspired Guidi to lose 56 lbs and take up competitive bodybuilding. Now a champion bodybuilder, Guidi wishes to continue her competitive career at least until she turns 80.


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What do you think about Joan MacDonald and her tips to turn back the clock?

76-Year-Old Grandma With Unbelievable Physique, Shares Anti-Aging Secret: Dont Be Fooled by Quick Fixes - EssentiallySports

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