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Jun 21

VOTwear- Pushing The Boundaries Of Training Wear. – PRUnderground

The 2019 Norwegian based company is leaving the nest and taking the world by storm.

The creators, five Medical Doctors, spearheaded by the Co.Founder and Executive Chairman Mehdi Ettehadulhagh M.D., who is also currently an award winning innovation designer. Together with Co.Founders Nayyer Ettehadulhagh and Sina Ettehadulhagh, are putting the Entrepreneur in Entrepreneurship with their minimalistically daring designs, cutting edge textile engineering and innovations, enough to make the wheel yesterdays news.

This product (HTM1) is turning heads, already winning the Invention of the Year award few months after its release during the Medical Congress of 2019, held by the UPCAM!

With their first batch of gear going from exclusive sales in Scandinavia to shipping worldwide this year (2020), this is the type of innovation we expect from the VOT brand startup. So before melting into a pool of fandom like the witch from OZ, let us recap what this HTM1 really does!

Occluding Venous Blood-flow

Apparently getting in shape is not as simple as cucumber-water and protein-bars! Starting to workout three weeks before summer isnt going to cut it.

Or is it?

The science says; when we workout, blood flows through our bodies, and the blood that is tainted with lactic acid and growth hormones actually stimulate muscle growth! When the concentration of these hormones are high, the muscles react accordingly and grow. Mostly with exercise above 80% of our max effort.

Theres a catch, normally, the amount of growth hormones (HGH) and lactic acid stimulating the muscle is reduced in concentration due to blood-flow. (Think the amount of fish in a river, diluted throughout) Thats where the HTM1 comes in.

By slightly reducing the blood-flow out of the muscle by a few percent, the lactic acid concentration builds up around the muscle, (Think putting a dam on that same river, thus increasing the concentration of fish without increasing the amount of fish.) causing a significant increase in the concentration as well as the anabolic effect on muscle cells, the bonus? you only need to lift 15-20% of your 1RM to gain the same result as your 80-100% 5RM, yeah crazy, we know!

In other words, you now CAN start working out three weeks before summer!Watch a HTM1 transformation below:

Whats next for the SmartWear company; VOTwear?

While there are oceans of research available on their website, the brand seeks to do more than help you build big biceps quicker and easier. The goal of VOTwear is not only to provide innovative SmartWear, but also a format of expressing important values for individuals on a journey of seeking excellence, and redefining what we thought was written in stone.

Physiotherapy, de-loading, muscle-building, fat-loss, injury prevention, cardiac strength, these are few of many benefits BFRwear (blood flow restriction) has shown to provide, especially when combined with heavy weight training, does the HTM1 capacity seem to explode.

A young brand, but rooted in age old values of giving your purest and best- Less is more


VOTwear is a Norwegian SmartWear company, currently unveiling the worlds first venous occlusion training wear.

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VOTwear- Pushing The Boundaries Of Training Wear. - PRUnderground

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