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Jan 17

MLB sign-stealing saga has now seen buzzer allegations, players weighing in, and more – The Comeback

The MLB sign-stealing saga that started with the Houston Astros and has now led to the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets parting ways with managers Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran (over actions taken while with the Astros, but MLB is also looking into accusations the Red Sox stole signs) took some further twists Thursday. On the media side, ESPN analyst and Mets adviser Jessica Mendoza took a lot of flak for her criticisms (across ESPN properties) of former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers whistleblowing on this saga, and on the team side, the Mets announced they were parting ways with Beltran. But on the players side, things really heated up when it came to accusations of the Astros going beyond the infamous trash can and also using buzzers under batters jerseys to tip pitches to them. Those accusations really took flight when Jimmy Jomboy OBrien passed along a tweet supposedly from Beltrans niece and said it lined up with what hed heard elsewhere:

The Beltran family has disputed that the @S0_blessed1 account is anyone related to them (they havent yet weighed in on the other questionable seemingly-Beltran-linked account), and Gary Sheffield Jr., son of prominent former MLB player Gary Sheffield, stated that its another player:

Meanwhile, David Brosius, son of U.S. national baseball team manager Scott Brosius, weighed in on this further on Reddit with allegations that his dad knew of the Astros cheating in 2017 (and, also, that Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout takes HGH):

And a whole lot of current players weighed in on the cheating allegations as well:

And some specifically discussed Jose Altuves home run to win the decisive Game Six of the 2019 American League Championship Series (hes seen after that above), after which he told Foxs Ken Rosenthal that he didnt want teammates to tear off his jersey because he was too shy, also claiming that the last time his jersey was torn off, I got in trouble with my wife:

So, this is all a fun pile of stuff for MLB to deal with. But hey, at least they and their players have made it into the national conversation. Even, if like the last time they made major national headlines, its not exactly the way they wanted.

[The Cincinnati Enquirer]

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MLB sign-stealing saga has now seen buzzer allegations, players weighing in, and more - The Comeback

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