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Dec 27

Joe Rogan Has an Out Of Control Bubble Gut After Sober October –

Joe Rogan was at one point in unbelievable shape. However, when he weighed in after Sober October, that shape became a bit more grotesque.

Rogan is a man of many hats; from commentator, to comedian, and podcast host. Notably he is also something of a fitness advocate, regularly featuring trainers and coaches on his show. This comes as a result of his athletic background, doing Taekwondo and other martial arts. Subsequently, he has been know for being in killer shape.

Unfortunately, it seems at age 52, things are finally starting to catch up to Rogan. He did his annual Sober October activities with a group of his friends. This is a ceremony they do, giving up any drug or alcohol use for the entirety of the month.

Following the conclusion of Sober October, Joe Rogan and company weighed in to see their results. However it was here, that things took a turn for the wild. When Joe took his shirt off for the weigh in, he had a ridiculously protruded midsection. As a result, he looked like he had all of grandmas leftover Christmas banana pudding for a stomach.

Rogan steps on the scale and immediately the talk is about his bloated core. He said he weighed in at 205 pounds, which is ten pounds overweight. Furthermore he attributed this to an uptake in carb consumption. Although looking at his stomach, it seems like a bit worse of a situation than that.

Joe Rogan honestly looks like something you would see in a bodybuilder using too much Human Growth Hormone. This tends to result in a protruding gut, similar to this. All of this is speculation, but if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck In any case, it is not uncommon for athletes in that age range to partake in HGH usage.

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Joe Rogan Has an Out Of Control Bubble Gut After Sober October -

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