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Mar 9

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy in Jersey City, NJ …

Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Jersey City

Jersey City natives now have an invaluable resource to their health with a nationally acclaimed leader in healthcare services in HealthGAINS. Patients of all ages can experience the benefits of elite hormone therapy services. Our hormones are the messengers of our bodies that trigger every important process that our body performs. When our bodies dont have a sufficient supply of hormones, we dont feel the same. We become weaker, more irritable, less focused and more vulnerable to illnesses and injuries. HGH therapy is a vitally important procedure that replenishes patients growth hormone levels and renews their energy, strength and overall health and wellness. If you notice any of the signs of an HGH deficiency (signs of aging), contact your local Jersey City HealthGAINS clinic immediately.

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The human growth hormone is responsible for some of the most important processes in the body. They produce and repair every cell in our bodies; they regulate our libido; control our metabolism; are responsible for our energy levels; boost immune and cardiovascular health; produce our bone and muscle mass; maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and many other important processes. Without a sufficient supply of growth hormones, our bodies will experience life-altering side effects.

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When we are young and healthy, we are full of the vital hormones our bodies need to keep us strong and vital. As we age or through certain injuries and conditions, we slow down our production of HGH. This can cause a number of side effects including:

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One of the first treatment applications for growth hormone therapy was to treat the symptoms of menopause. Not only can women experience the rejuvenating benefits of routine HGH therapy, but for women going through the life-changing event that is menopause, HGH therapy can minimize these symptoms and help women make the most of their lives no matter phase they are in.

Men can experience erectile dysfunction from low levels of HGH. For these men, growth hormone treatments have the ability to reverse these symptoms and return these men to their full sexual health.

HGH treatments focus on two methods of relief from growth hormone deficiencies 1) Injections of growth hormone-releasing peptides and 2) Direct injections of HGH into the patients body. Both treatment methods are extremely effective at relieving the symptoms of HGH imbalances and either directly or indirectly add the necessary growth hormones into the patients body to correct their deficiency.

At HealthGAINS, we specialize in bioidentical HGH treatments. This means that the hormones that we use for our growth hormone treatments are derived from nature (yams, soy, pigs, horses) and are exact molecular matches to human hormones. This ensures that patients will have the safest and most effective hormone therapy procedure that is available.

It is rare for patients of certified HGH doctors to experience adverse effects. At HealthGAINS, we adhere to the strictest and safest of measures for treating growth hormone deficient patients. In this way, we ensure that our patients have as little risks as possible when receiving HGH therapy.

Most cases of side effects from HGH treatments are from athletes or other people taking illegitimate forms of HGH for athletic or other physical gains. This excessive use and often abuse of HGH can lead to swelling, pain in the recipients joints, muscles and nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, high cholesterol, and numbness.

Our HGH therapy consultations focus on three main goals 1) Diagnosing the patients hormone deficiency 2) Informing the patient of their treatment options and how each procedure will benefit their needs 3) Prescribing the precise dose of HGH to sufficiently treat the patients imbalance.

We will greet the patient and go over their medical history as well as listen to their symptoms. The doctor will then administer a blood test to analyze the patients hormone levels. With the analysis of the patients hormone levels, the doctor will then advise the patient as to which treatment option or options will best treat their unique case of HGH deficiency. Based on the patients wants, the doctor will prescribe the necessary dose of HGH that will treat the patients symptoms.

I have been battling my older age for years. I was a college athlete, so Im not used to feeling limited physically. However, when I reached a certain age, no amount of exercise seemed to keep my body in the shape I wanted it to be in. It got to the point where I figured there was something else going on that was making me feel so sluggish and weak. Sure enough after my consultation at HealthGAINS in Jersey City, my HGH doctor informed that I had declining growth hormone levels and it was changing the way my body produced and maintained my muscle mass. After a few weeks from my treatment, I was feeling like I was in college again with how I was lifting and running. Ebony R., 43

I had a severe growth hormone deficiency after a bad car wreck that injured my head. Doctors told me that if I didnt get it treated that it would completely diminish my ability to think properly, manage my weight, produce muscle mass, regulate my immune and heart health and many other life changing symptoms. I chose HealthGAINS because of their reputation in not just Jersey City but around the U.S. It required a series of HGH treatments over the course of a few months but I can say that after a year from my accident, I am confident that I can reclaim all of my old functions if not even healthier than before. Jeremy C., 32

A couple of my friends has received HGH therapy during menopause and they had amazing things to say. When I first started to experience the change, I knew HGH treatments was what I wanted to do to manage my symptoms. I never had to go through any of the life-altering changes that most women experience during their menopause. Jackie Y., 55

We dont have a recommended age for HGH treatments, because at HealthGAINS we ensure that all of our HGH treatments are safe for patients of all ages. So while most of our patients are in their 40s and 50s, we have treated everyone from children with development issues to elderly patients well into their 90s looking to manage their symptoms of aging.

Our HGH treatments cost $600 to $2,500 depending on the severity of your deficiency. This is why it important to schedule a consultation so that you can have your HGH levels tested to establish a legitimate quote for your unique treatment.

Yes! One of the major functions of growth hormones is to maintain our bodys metabolism. When we are deficient in HGH, our metabolism suffers and is less effective at breaking down the food that we eat. HGH therapy replenishes patients low HGH levels and in turn, improves their metabolisms to boost weight loss.

As HGH therapy is a whole-body treatment, it can take between 2 and 8 weeks for patients to feel the full effects of their treatment.

Yes. HGH is a controlled substance so it is illegal to use HGH without a prescription from a sanctioned doctor for a recognized medical condition, such as low growth hormone levels.

When you choose HGH therapy, you are choosing to take charge of your life and your age. Most of the effects of aging are simply the result of low hormone levels. HGH therapy gives patients of all ages the ability to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Call HealthGAINS at (866) 540-3555 to schedule your HGH therapy consultation today.

Offering HGH therapy treatments for New Jersey locals with declining levels of growth hormones in Jersey City and its surrounding areas of: New York City, Newark, Linden, Clifton, Montclair, Summit, Woodbridge Township, Perth Amboy, Plainfield, Edison, Livingston, Paterson, Union and Elizabeth.

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy in Jersey City, NJ ...

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