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Apr 16

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Clinical Studies Can Prove the Effectiveness of HGH Products

*Did you know that most non-prescription HGH products have had absolutely no scientific clinical studies to measure effectiveness?

They may claim their product is best but they cannot show you any medically accepted evidence that it can do anything to increase your growth hormone.

In fact, this may be the first time you have heard ofrandomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studiesthat can measure the effectiveness of human growth hormone therapies. This is becauseonly 8 brands have had these important IGF-1 clinical studies. The others would probably prefer you not know that such clinical studies exist!

Don't be fooled by all the so-called "HGH product review" sites. Such sites are owned by the same companies who sell the product they rate as best, or by their distributors. Learn the truth about the many product review sites

If you want the best product please know this:Our ProBLEN HGH formula showed the highest increase of human growth hormone in the bodies of test patients that has ever been accomplished with a non-prescription product, and that should be most important for those wanting to receive optimum benefits and receive them safely.

Our Clinical Study Results

ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

No Prescription Required! All our products are FDA registered over-the-counter homeopathic products. Our premier latest generation product that contains homeopathic HGH, IGF-1, IGF-2, antler velvet, alpha GPC, pituitary extract, and liver extract all in the same product and in the amounts needed for optimum results!

Increase Muscle, Decrease Fat Increase Energy, Stamina Improve Sleep Improve Sexual Performance Enhance Mood Improve Vision Improve Memory Improve Hair, Skin Strengthen Immune System Lower Blood Pressure Strengthen Cardiovascular

and more safely and effectively without the risk of injections!

Click for more information about HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

QUALITY = EFFECTIVENESS!We have been at the forefront of anti-aging product development for the past 19 years.

Through the success of our HGH products we have been able to expand our focus to include products that address other important hormones that decrease with age and other areas of anti-aging. Please click for more specific information about each of our products.

The physician who heads our research and development team has over 30 years of experience. He developed the first effective homeopathic hormone sublingual spray delivery system and he continues to provide the most advanced delivery systems available. He also formulated the first homeopathic hormone re-balancing medicines to successfully treat the symptoms of aging.

Long recognized as a leading physician in this field he has expanded the traditional concept of homeopathy through the development of Neohomeopathy. His formulations of our ProBLEN line of products are based upon his latest research and development.

You may find other products that are cheaper and some may contain some of the same ingredients because others have followed our lead, however others

I have spent many years working with and researching growth hormone and anti-aging therapies. I founded this site over 19 years ago when few medical professionals took anti-aging therapy seriously. We have come a long way since then and through all these years I have remained dedicated to making sure we consistently offer only the best. These are the same products I take myself.

Please see the many links on this page for extensive information about human growth hormone, including the different types of products available, our own two ProBLEN HGH products, as well as our other top quality male and female hormonal and anti-aging products. You should find the answers to any questions you have by using our own search box, but if not please call or e-mail us and we will answer your questions promptly.

Lisa Wells, RN

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HGH-Pro Official Website

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