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Jul 6

Carl Frampton: I fear that drugs use in boxing could be rife and something needs to be done about it – Belfast Telegraph

It has been a tough enough time for boxing with the whole coronavirus lockdown and then Jarrell Miller comes along to remind us about the curse of drugs within the sport.

iller missed out on a world heavyweight title fight with Anthony Joshua last year after he tested positive for the performance-enhancing drugs GW1516, HGH and IPO. He was to have made his return to the ring this month but has tested positive for GW1516 again, though he is adamant that he did not take the substance on purpose.

Fans and fighters will make their own minds up about whether he is guilty or not of taking it on purpose, but the fact remains that it was found in his system. In my opinion, he should have been chucked out of the sport after last year's positive tests and one thing I will always take pride in when my career is over is that I gave my all doing it the right away, being clean.

This latest controversy as well as the disconcerting rumours I hear about some gyms the States sadly leads me to have a real fear that the use of performance-enhancing drugs is worse than ever in boxing - even though there has been more testing.

Let's be honest, when you see a fighter go from being a light hitter with few knockouts or stoppages to someone who is rocking fighters to their bootstraps, it does raise eyebrows.

Unfortunately, the rumour mill in boxing is growing all the time about who is possibly using PEDs and even four or five years ago that wouldn't have been the case. It seems there is a growing culture that reflects what happened in cycling and athletics - that you have to take them because everyone else is. That's a crying shame and it's not the case, you can't tar every fighter with the same brush but there is a real concern that more and more boxers may be getting away with PED use. That's why it was such a mistake by the World Anti-Doping Association to announce during lockdown that they were not doing any testing. That was just a green light for the cheats to get on the gear!

I have recently filled out my latest form for UKAD to tell them about my whereabouts for the next three months so they can test me whenever they want and it should be the same for every fighter.

I still don't believe the governing bodies are taking the whole issue of drug use seriously enough and you do wonder if it will take a tragedy for those in authority to raise their game.

The problem in America is that they have different rules in each State and that needs to change immediately because the PED curse has to be crushed.

I don't know how anyone can cheat by using the drugs and then gain any sort of satisfaction from winning a fight when they know that they've been juiced to the eyeballs. But it seems that temptation to cheat to earn a living is just too great for some.

Our sport really needs to protect its reputation and be ruthless with PED cheats - they have to be kicked out. Miller is appealing his latest positive test but if that fails then that has to be the end of his ring career.

If, on the other hand, he is given another chance, it sends a signal that it's worth taking the risk of cheating in a sport in which men and women can be maimed for life or killed.

See original here:
Carl Frampton: I fear that drugs use in boxing could be rife and something needs to be done about it - Belfast Telegraph

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