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Apr 9

What Is HCG Diet?, How Does HCG Diet Works? and How Safe …

In this article we have given in-detailed explanation on : What is HCG diet? How to start HCG diet? What are HCG diet phases? History of HCG Diet, HCG Diet phase 1 foods with recipes, HCG Diet phase 2 with recipes and HCG Diet phase 3 with recipes. Almost we have covered everything about HCG diet program and its diet plan. You need not have to browse any other website looking for information on HCG Diet. Just keep reading till the end of this page.

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Synopsis of the article:

hcg diet falls in the category of very low calorie diet, restricting the calorie intake to 500 calories per day. The hcg diet plan was formulated by Dr. Simeons. The VLCD HCG dietary regime has four phases. Food lists and recipes are different for each phase. The first two phases of the hcg diet plan is accompanied by the administration of hcg drop shots. The hcg drops help in shedding the excess weight faster as well as remedying the hypothalamus gland.

HCG diet is the unique contribution of the famous British endocrinologist Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons. The world came to know about this dietary regime, Very Low Calorie Diet HCG or VLCD HCG, through his book Pounds & Inches in the year 1954. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a human hormone, found aplenty in the urine of the pregnant women. It was observed that, when the pregnancy hormone diet is administered in small amounts, it helps in burning the abnormal fats and reduces weight fast.

There is apprehension, does HCG diet work?. Due to its strict dietary plan the FDA even banned this diet plan.

Dr. Oz HCG diet, however, is slightly modified from VLCD HCG. In the article you will know what is the HCG diet plan?

HCG diet program has four phases. The first phase is called Loading Phase. The daily doses of HCG diet shots start in this phase. No restriction is imposed on the dieter. On the other hand the dieter is encouraged to eat oily and fatty foods which are high in calories. You will get to know about the various recipes for phase 1.

The second phase is called Working Phase. The HCG doses continue. The calorie intake is restricted to 500 calorie per day. There are restrictions in foods. You can know about the list of foods and various recipes for phase 2.

The third phase is called Stabilization Phase. From phase 3, HCG drops are stopped. Calorie intake is still restricted to 500 calories per day. Some addition in food varieties is allowed. You will know about foods and recipes for phase 3.

The fourth phase is called Maintenance Phase. Calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories. More food choices are permitted. You will get to know about the food recipes for phase 4. In this phase you get accustomed to the optimum calorie intake, exercises and positive living styles. This serves as the gate way for your future life. You get stabilized in living without HCG drops and without any increase in weights, happily, energetically and in high spirits.

How much the HCG weight loss diet cost?The cost varies from $30 to $60 per bottle.

HCG diet and pregnant women:The pregnant and lactating women need to consult doctor before starting HCG diet.

At the end of the article you will know, how to lose weight faster on the HCG diet. When you are through the plan you will feel energetic and be in high spirit with reduced weight. By now you have endeared positive and meaningful lifestyle. It is expected to follow this newly acquired living style for retaining the benefits accrued from the dietary regime.

For some extreme cases, needing shedding of excessive weights, the diet plan may require to be repeated. In such cases you have to give a break of some weeks after which you may again repeat the VLCD HCG dietary regime. This article gives lots of hopes and encouragements for the obese and overweight people of the world.

When armed with proper and detailed instructions, you minimize the risk of failure and thats true for anything in life, hCG diet included. By strictly following the original hCG diet protocol created by Dr. Simeons and the specific recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your hCG oral drops, youll be staying on the path of effective and durable weight-loss.

In this article, you will find a detailed description of the hCG diet in general and of each phase specifically, receive valuable recommendations and info on many tricks that will help you follow through every crucial aspect of your diet. Weve tried to keep it as simple and as informative as possible, but if youre still left with unresolved questions of any kind feel free to contact us for more information. Lets get started!

This particular weight-loss regime was designed by Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons, a British endocrinologist. After years of studying the problem of excess weight and obesity, in 1954 he proposed an innovative dietary model that became later known as the hCG VLCD diet (human chorionic gonadotropin very low calorie diet) in his book Pounds and Inches. A New Approach to Obesity. And moreover, this strict diet is being followed by top celebrities around the world.

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Doctor Simeons came up with the idea of using hCG for weight reduction while studying the effects of the said hormone both present naturally (in pregnant women) and taken from the outside (for pituitary disorders treatment). The result was basically the same: under guidance of hCG, the human body burns body fat more actively under conditions of calorie and fat deficiency. This is thought to be one of hCGs main benefits during pregnancy and serves to protect the developing fetus from possible malnutrition. In other words, when the mother hasnt the possibility to eat well, the hCG resent in your body will gently break up the excess fat present in her body in order to provide her baby with the nutrients and energy necessary.

The diet itself is a complex of recommendations that, when followed strictly (this is the reason why FDA banned HCG products in the market), reveal the hCGs potential to its maximum. We will cover in details every aspect of the diet, so you can understand the underlying processes, but in any case always double check with the instructions and details provided by your manufacturer.

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Traditionally, the classic hCG diet is divided into four separate stages: loading, diet (weight-loss), stabilization and maintenance. This segregation is explained by the fact that your body needs several consecutive steps when adapting to something new boy weight included. Its impossible to cut off 40 pounds off yourself in a couple of days without going under the surgeons knife. If you want it done naturally and sustainable in the long run, its crucial to give your body the necessary time and resources to get used to the process of weight loss and to your new weight as well and the 4 phases of the hCG diet ensure that just right.

Also known as the gorging or bingeing days, this phase is somewhat paradoxical: in order to lose weight in the following stages, you must first stuff yourself for a couple of days. Eat up to the point of nauseating mostly with the help of fatty high-calorie products and dishes.

What is the goal of this phase? To load your body with enough energy substrate that will be used up later in the following stages. This is of particular need in the beginning of phase two, while your body still has not adapted to its fullest. Any given hCG product needs a couple of days to start burning your fat reserves. Meanwhile, you need to receive plenty of energy from any other source available so the food you intake during the loading phase will do just fine.

Keep in mind that people that neglect the meaning of this stage usually feel a lot more hungry and tired on the following weeks, while those who follow it and eat plenty of fatty food usually feet energetic and ready to keep on dieting.

To summarize: on the phase 1 (loading) you start taking your hCG oral drops and eat as much high-calorie and high-fat food as you physically can (without traumatizing yourself, of course) in order to give your hypothalamus the time it needs to tune your metabolism into burning excess fat. This phase usually takes 1-2 days (3-4 days if youre going out of a previous different diet).

Here is a list of products particularly recommended to eat during phase 1:

This is the stage in which the magic starts. Lasting from 15 to 40 days (depending on multiple factors, including the peculiar properties of the specific hCG oral drops youve chosen), the main goal of this diet is to get rid of your abnormal fat for good.

This is done through a strict following of a 500 calorie per day diet. The effect is astonishing because the normal calorie intake for an adult male is about 2500 calories per day, while females should intake at least 2000 calories. The difference between these two numbers will be the amount of fatty tissue your body will be burning in order to receive the energy necessary. For example, if your usual calorie intake is 2500 and you receive just 500 with your food 2000 calories will be received by means of breaking up your body fat.

One may ask what is the point in taking hCG here, if I can just follow the VLCD diet itself? Of course, if you dont take any hCG and still stick to your 500 calories per day diet, youll lose weight just right. But:

Besides that, as strange as it may sound, your body is more inclined towards building fat during the hungry times than burning it for energy. And thats explained simply: your body will do its best to store every single calorie left just in case this hunger will last on. hCG helps you to prevent and break that mechanism, adjusting your inner processes towards fat burning. Other components of popular modern hCG formulas aid you in muscle building too, so youre not just losing excess weight: youre giving your organism the resources necessary to be stronger and healthier by increasing muscle mass.

Therefore, take your hCG oral drops according to the official instructions that come with your oral drops and stick to the following diet: 2 servings of identical proteins per day (lean meat or fish), 2 identical vegetables per day, 2 identical fruits per day, 2 pieces of one type of bread from the allowed (breadsticks or melba toasts) per day, 2-3 liters of allowed liquids (water, mineral water, sugar-free tea, sugar-free coffee) daily.

Main principles of the second phase of the hCG diet:

A viable example of the menu suited for phase 2:

Breakfast: unlimited coffee without sugar (but with 1 tablespoon of milk), half a grapefruit.

Lunch: 100 g of fat-free grilled chicken breast, a tomato, a melba toast.

Afternoon snack: half a grapefruit, unlimited tea with stevia.

Dinner: same choices as for lunch.

You can make your meal the way you like it, as long as you follow the main principles listed above. Also, it is recommended to always have at hand a table with the caloric value of everything youre eating in order to be sure that youre not eating more than 500 calories per day.

By this stage youll be already feeling like a hero, a winner, a triumphant achiever of your goals. If youd followed the recommendations for phases 1 and 2 of the hCG diet, the weight lost will be easily noticed with the naked eye no need to measure anything at all. But you know thats not the end. Not yet. And thats the reason why theres a third stage in the hCG diet protocol. The goal of this phase is to carve in stone the results you managed to achieve, because were aiming for long-term results here, not just a fleeting experience, a fading image of something healthy. Were seizing real well-being; therefore your weight needs to be stabilized.

During the stabilization phase, you should stop taking your hCG drops and start eating some new foods, previously forbidden during phase 2. Be sure to still follow the 500 calories per day restriction and carefully count the caloric value of everything you eat! Wouldnt want to destroy everything youve fulfilled, right?

Heres a list of some the new vegetables allowed during phase 3: broccoli, eggplant, pumpkin, pickles, sauerkraut, zucchini, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers or red chili peppers, kohlrabi, bamboo shoots.

Or, maybe, you were craving for a couple of new fruits? Check these ones out: cranberries, papaya, pears, plums, watermelon, kiwi, guava, pineapples. Just be sure to check their calorie content and adjust the portion accordingly. Especially, be aware of those fruit that taste sweeter than the others the slightest error in counting their weight or value may cost you enormous amounts of efforts put previously into your diet.

New approved sources of proteins: nuts, tofu, soy, bacon, elk, turkey, duck, ham, lamb, liver, eel, herring, mussles, oysters, salmon, sardines, trout, pork chops, Vienna sausages, ground beef. Be sure to weight your protein servings before preparing them 100 g for one serving is just the right amount to go. Also, its preferred to prepare your proteins without adding extra fat just like you did during the previous phase of this diet.

Main principles of the third phase of the hCG diet:

This is the grand finale, so to speak. On this stage, you gradually increase your calorie intake level up to 1500 calories per day. Its important that the things you eat are still healthy, but now youre not restricted as violently as on the previous stages. During maintenance phase, you can slowly re-introduce sugars (hooray!) and starches into your diet. Main point here: re-introduce them SLOWLY, bit by bit. By now, you shouldnt have much of a craving for them, due to the long period of abstinence. Yet still, dont be over hesitated on the matter and stay on the healthy lane.

One more important point: as in the previous phase, if on any given day you find your weight 2 pounds (or more than that) greater than the one you saw on your last hCG assisted day, give yourself a steak day. Just like on phase 3, skip breakfast and lunch and savor an enormous steak with one vegetable or fruit of your liking. Dont forget to drink plenty during steak days.

Main principles of the fourth stage of the hCG diet:

But remember that every single hCG product has something that makes it different from the other ones. Therefore, the diet regimes can slightly vary, and thats understandable. Weve disclosed you in details the general scheme of the traditional hCG VLCD diet, but in order to achieve the best results and discover for yourself the true power of hCG stick to the official instructions provided by your hCG product manufacturer. Also, if any questions arise at any phase of your diet never hesitate to ask for help either somebody from the community or your authorized manufacturer and seller.

If you had a lot of excess weight and you couldnt get rid of it in one single hCG diet session give yourself a break of a couple of weeks and repeat the diet at will.

But, in general now youre free! Free of your fatty burden, ready to engage in all sorts of healthy exciting activities. Do your best to stay on the right path and always strive to keep your well-being a top priority. With the help of the hCG diet, youd seen how great a life without excess weight can be. The best you can do after that is to keep up with the good work! Well, and maybe share the word with a friend that needs help with dealing with his excess weight too.

Remember that the hCG diet is not a dead soulless alimentary regime. Its the base for a community of happy people that became passionate about healthy lifestyle thanks to the effects of hCG! Join the crowd, share your experience and help newbies with their diet. Together with hCG, we can make the world a better place, thats for sure!

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What Is HCG Diet?, How Does HCG Diet Works? and How Safe ...

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