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Oct 25


Dear HealthyHCG Customer,

We are making some big changes. Part of that change includes closing down our HealthyHCG business.

Why are we doing this?

First of all, don't worry; there are no safety issues to be concerned about with our product. It has always been manufactured in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility and we have been selling Nano Diet Drops for more than 6 years with no problems for any of our customers. It has been a great product and you can continue to take it.

Also, for the near future, we are still available by email or telephone on this site to answer your diet or product questions. We won't leave you stranded.

This change is a business decision. You may not have realized this, but the HCG diet industry is a rather hostile business environment. There are many misconceptions, misunderstandings, regulations, restrictions and rogue companies out there, all of which make it hard to run a business.

As successful and popular as it has been, the HCG diet has always been a little controversial. As well, the hormone HCG itself can only be sold legally by prescription which is why our Nano Diet Drops product has always been a hormone/HCG-free, standard over-the-counter homeopathic with 100% HPUS-listed ingredients. Even so, financial institutions and other vendors tend to make snap judgments and even talking about the HCG diet or referencing the word "hcg" brings on the wrong conclusions.

It has been a tough decision. Our weight loss program has helped a huge number of people, and we have hundreds of documented testimonials on file. We are happy to have helped so many. Some of you have been with us for a long time (thank you!).

All things considered, we have decided to move on. Also -- we have felt for some time that we can better help people lose weight by looking beyond one single solution.

Up to 50% Off Remaining Inventory

We do have a limited amount of inventory left and we are selling it for up to 50% off our regular price. Nano Diet Drops have a 5 year shelf life if unopened so this is a good opportunity for those who love the product to buy extra and put it aside for future needs.

Please click here to view our Closeout products. We anticipate our remaining inventory will move quickly, so if you are interested, don't put it off. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

HealthyHCG Management

P.S. If you are curious what we are working on, please see We aren't quite ready to take orders there yet, but if it sounds interesting to you, please subscribe to the announcement list.

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