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Dec 19


Weight that's resistant toloss.Despite following the advice of the "diet dictocrats" with initials and associations behind their names.

Weight that keeps coming back.How many people do we know that joined a weight loss program more than once?

Hunger and the feeling of deprivation.Feeling resentful because it seems that others can enjoy life withoutthese problems.

An epidemic of high blood sugar (A1C). Among differentbody sizes and ages.

An epidemic of hypertension."Essential hypertension" refers to high blood pressure that the physician has no inclination to find the source for.It is easier and quicker to prescribe for symptoms.Oh, they might go through the cursory exam for the liver but that most often reveals nothing unusual and it stops there.

Together, the symptoms of elevated weight, blood sugar and blood pressure aretoday known as "Metabolic Syndrome" or "Syndrome X."

Yet, in the 1950s a European doctor identified a natural substance thatlowers weight,blood sugar andblood pressure.Long before this triad was to acquirepandemic syndrome status.

We'll let you in on the Secret Solution some have found.

Why don't people know about it?It was only affordable to the wealthy because they could afford the time to be his inpatientand they had the money to pay for it.

Well, now it doesn't require that you leave your daily life and go retreat somewhere.

Now you can keep your daily life with no disruption. It's convenient.

And you don't need to sign over your retirement money. It's affordable.

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