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May 12

HCG Near Me. #1 Online or Local U.S. HCG Diet Clinic. We ship HCG fast.

HCG Diet InformationWhat is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG?HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin & is a very safe & mild hormone present in both males & females. This glycoprotein is composed of 244 amino acids.

Welcome to HCG Near Me, where access to a quality HCG Diet is always near you! If you do not live near the lovely Miami, FL area, no worries, we can ship your entire HCG Diet kit to you after a simple 10 to 15-minute telemedicine phone consultation. HCG Near Me is owned and operated by a licensed Health Care Clinic Establishment in Miami, Florida, and employs certified health professionals to ensure a quality medical weight loss program for all to benefit from.

The use of HCG for weight loss is not a new fly by night fad diet. This diet dates to the 1950s and has helped millions of people since then. It was created by a British endocrinologist named Albert Simeons. Dr. Simeons was studying pregnant women in third world countries and was absolutely fascinated at how these women, who were often malnourished, would give birth to regular sized babies. These women also had to work to survive and often walked everywhere burning plenty of calories.

Therefore, Dr. Simeons wanted to research how these women, who burned high calories and ate fewer calories, would still give birth to regular sized babies that Dr. Simeons assumed would be born malnourished. His research and observations led to the discovery of high levels of HCG in the bloodstream of pregnant women. Further research then led to the discovery of how the HCG helps the body to release adipose fatty acid into the bloodstream for immediate use and consumption. This means the fetus was being nourished by the mothers adipose body fat.

Dr. Simeons then tried using HCG injections with obese or overweight boys in India to see if the HCG injections together with a very low-calorie diet would help the boys lose adipose body fat. His studies concluded that while taking HCG injections and undergoing a low-calorie diet, specifically low in fats, his patients would lose high amounts of unwanted body fat and maintain lean muscle mass.

After many years of research and trial and error with many users of the HCG Diet, this magnificent diet has evolved. The internet is loaded with plenty of good information, but unfortunately, its also filled with plenty of bad and misleading information. The main things wed like to address briefly here is that this diet originally called for 500 calories per day. Our modern program advocates for higher calories that are consistent with a persons body mass index and body metabolic rate. We customize each persons daily caloric allowance!

Also, you may read online that the FDA does not approve or has made the HCG Diet illegal. This is not true; the FDA has made the sale of FAKE homeopathic HCG drops illegal. Yes, there are people out there selling fake drops of HCG and trying to claim its the real hormone. So, remember, the fake HCG drops are illegal, not the real prescription injections or oral tablets you can get through a licensed Health Care Clinic with certified physicians like the ones youll find at HCG Near Me.

HCG mobilizes the bad fat which we all know as adipose fatty tissue (abnormal fat). Basically, mobilizing bad fat is when the body releases fatty acid into the bloodstream as a mechanism to protect from starvation. There are 3 types of fat:

As mentioned earlier, pregnant females produce extremely high amounts of HCG, over 1 million IUs (International Units) to be exact. Note: this is way higher than the amount of HCG you receive for a 30-day weight loss program (6,000 IU). Everyone, male or female, will receive safe doses for their weight loss program. What the HCG actually does is mobilize the abnormal fat full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the unborn fetus.

Dr. Simeons states, In pregnancy, it would be most undesirable if the fetus was offered ample food only when there is a high influx from the intestinal tract. Ideal nutritional conditions for the fetus can only be achieved when the mothers blood is continually saturated with food, regardless of whether she eats or not, as otherwise, a period of starvation might hamper the steady growth of the embryo.

So how does the HCG work for someone taking injections? Basically, a person taking HCG injections and undergoing a low-calorie diet will lose weight because the presence of HCG in their system will cause the body to mobilize adipose body fat and release fatty acid into the bloodstream. HCG does this in a pregnant female to protect the fetus. If you were to do the HCG Diet, since you are now eating a low-calorie diet, you become like the fetus that the HCG is protecting. The HCG ensures you do not starve while you are undergoing a low caloric daily intake. It is for this reason HCG also controls hunger for those taking the injections. Even though you are eating much less, the release of this adipose body tissue into the bloodstream helps keep you nourished and not feeling starved.

When you give yourself the HCG injections, you will also incorporate a specific very low-calorie diet (VLCD) with detailed phases and rules. The actual diet and allowed foods will really reshape your body and provide tremendous health benefits. Your body does need good fats such as reserve and structural to survive but can function without the abnormal adipose fat. Therefore, HCG shots or injections coupled with our 4 phase VLCD will trigger rapid weight loss that is primarily comprised of bad fat.

Absolutely! In fact, men perform better on the HCG Diet than women, sorry ladies. HCG injections have been used in men for years to help treat low testosterone. Physicians have prescribed HCG to men while taking testosterone therapy because HCG helps men to not shut down their own natural testosterone production. If a man took HCG injections alone without testosterone, they would likely increase their own testosterone naturally and gradually with the HCG injection alone. So aside from the benefits of weight loss, HCG injections in men would also help increase natural testosterone levels safely. HCG has also been used in treatments for men who are no longer fertile due to long term drug or steroid abuse. The HCG helps these men produce sperm again after long periods of being shut down.

Dr. Simeons stated years ago, When a male patient hears that he is about to be put into a condition which in some respects resembles pregnancy, he is usually shocked and horrified. The physician must therefore carefully explain that this does not mean that he will be feminized and that HCG in no way interferes with his sex. He must be made to understand that in the interest of the propagation of the species, nature provides for perfect functioning of the regulatory headquarters in the diencephalon during pregnancy and that we are merely using this natural safeguard as a means of correcting the diencephalic disorder which is responsible for his being overweight.

If you undergo a very low-calorie diet long term you will definitely lose weight. The problem is that you will undoubtedly lose high amounts of muscle mass in the process and this spells bad news for your metabolism. If just reducing calories were the simple solution, then why has it not worked in the past? If you landed on our website and are researching the HCG Diet, wed say youve tried other diets with poor or no success at all. The two most obvious reasons one should avoid just reducing calories to lose weight are:

These two simple and straightforward reasons are why so many people fail at weight loss attempts. A combination of HCG injections and the modern VLCD can mobilize and reduce your abnormal fat without hurting your metabolic rate.

The HCG Diet is the hottest medical weight loss program in existence today. If this is your first time learning about it, congratulations, your life is about to change. The original HCG Diet by Dr. Simeons dates back to the 1950s. The original rules called for 500 calories per day for everyone on the diet! This simply does not work for todays society. Everyone has a different engine and motor.

At HCG Near Me, we will customize your daily caloric need and you will be on a Very Low-Calorie Diet thats right for you. Another thing to keep in mind is the evolution of the human body, we are bigger, faster, and stronger than we were almost 70 years ago. We simply all need more calories! We also process foods much different today than foods were processed 70 years ago. Foods were way more organic back then. For these reasons, we have modernized and perfected the HCG Diet for todays patient.

For anyone researching the best way to lose weight with HCG injections, two fantastic sources of updated information as of 2020, are HCG Near Me and HCG Diet Miami. Both these licensed health care clinics are owned and operated by the same weight loss consulting group. They employ only licensed health professionals to bring you the very best weight loss information and medications necessary for a successful HCG Diet program.

Located in Miami, FL, these two clinics can serve both the local Miami population and anyone located in the United States. With the use of telemedicine, our clinics can ship your HCG kit with all supplies to you after a simple and legal 10 to 15-minute Telemed or Telehealth consultation. If you searched HCG Diet Near Me and landed on our page, you should be glad you did. HCG Near Me is Near You!

Many clinics in the United States offering the HCG Diet are completely overpriced. For this reason, we get many patients from all around the United States. The HCG Diet is our niche. We have very low costs compared to other spas or clinics that offer other treatments with expensive machinery and other high-cost items. These other spas or clinics must factor in these high expenses when deciding what to charge for their services.

Our clinic has the very best medications from some of the top compounding pharmacies in the country. We provide all of our patients with information on the pharmacies we use. If you are considering working with us, ask us about our FDA approved compounding pharmacies.

We encourage you to navigate our site further to learn about doing the HCG Diet, starting the program, and learning how to effectively keep the weight off after the diet. A detailed diet plan is provided with information about every phase of the program and our customer service is the best youll find around.

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HCG Near Me. #1 Online or Local U.S. HCG Diet Clinic. We ship HCG fast.

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