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Sep 29

HCG Diet: 10 Ways to Cheat and Get Away With It

Are you feeling confined or bored with the restricted food list on the HCG diet? Are you going to scream if you have to eat chicken or fish for ONE MORE MEAL??? Are your taste buds crying for mercy?

Sometimes all you need is just a little more variety! Something to help you get past another day on the HCG diet. If only you could cheat . . . just once . . . just a little! Isn't there a way?

Yesthere is! Especially if you're careful about it. Anybody can cheat on the HCG dietbut there's a secret to cheating successfullywithout overly jeopardizing your weight loss.

The most important thing about cheating on the HCG diet is to pick the right food. Don't go off the deep end and eat a giant piece of cheesecake or a super-sized burger combo meal. There's a better way to cheat and give your taste buds a little vacation while still playing it safe. Some people have discovered HCG diet cheats that don't stall their weight loss at allespecially if they follow the secret method described below this list.

Please note that these items are not in Dr. Simeons' original HCG diet protocol, and so we are NOT approving them as a safe part of the HCG diet. We take Dr. Simeons' protocol seriously and try to stay true to his research. But if you're going to cheat anyway, this list will help you do it responsibly!

The top 10 thingsin no particular orderthat successful cheaters have used while on the HCG diet are:

1. Watermelon

Some HCG diet clinics allow watermelon anytime. While we aren't so careless about modifying the core protocol, we do know that watermelon makes a good HCG diet cheat because it's low in sugar and high in water contentboth good things. Plus it's so refreshing on a hot day!

2. Mixed vegetables

Dr. Simeons advised that the chemical makeup of certain foods caused problems with weight loss on the HCG diet, especially when combined with other foods. Yet everybody's chemical makeup is a little different. You might not have trouble with mixed vegetables.

3. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is an often overlooked alternative to your standard meat portion on the HCG diet. Get a fat-free variety and eat it alone or use a serving to add extra flavor to your fruit or starch selection.

4. Whole wheat crackers

There's a chance this might actually be better for you than your standard bread stick or Melba toast. Wheat grain doesn't stick to your intestinal tract like processed white flour, and a few people actually report better weight loss using wheat crackers. Be sure to pick a brand and portion size with the same calorie count and other nutrition as the usual bread stick or Melba toast.

5. Truvia

Even though it's based on stevia, we don't normally recommend Truvia for the HCG diet, because it contains erythritol, a form of sugar. But we have heard reports from people who are still successful while using Truvia.

6. American beef

Dr. Simeons outlawed American beef from the HCG diet due to its extra calories and fat content, yet many people have found that they still lose weight after eating a lean beef steak or even ground beef.

7. Green beans

This is probably the most asked-after vegetable that's not on the HCG diet food list. If you're going to try them, remember to skip the butter. If you can get them fresh out of the garden, you won't need it anywaythey'll be fresh and bursting with flavor already! Add a little salt if you want to enhance the flavor.

8. Turkey

A four ounce serving of ground turkey breast is almost identical to a three-and-a-half ounce rib-eye steak. Because of this, we think that the "other white meat" was most likely tested by Dr. Simeons and found to be not as effective as chicken for the HCG diet. Yet as with many of these foods, there's a decent chance you'll be just fine with turkey.

9. Lotion

OK, it's not a food, but as you probably know lotions containing fats and oils aren't allowed on the HCG diet due to the way it's absorbed into the skin and metabolized just as if eaten. But for some mysterious reason, certain people have no problem with lotion. (Be very careful with this one!)

10. Chicken stock, chicken broth, beef broth, and bouillon cubes

Four in one! These items often contain small amounts of sugar, fat, and oil. But the amount is so tiny, and the gain in flavor is so huge, it might just be worth a try.

Now, remember how I said there's a secret to cheating successfully? Keep reading to learn the true technique of cheating.

The True Key to Successful Cheating

Choosing the right food to cheat on your HCG diet with is only the first part. To minimize your risk of gaining or stalling, you also need to make sure you're in a regular pattern of weight loss.

What does that mean? It means you've been losing weight for at least the first two weeks of the 500-calorie HCG dietlong enough to know what your particular pattern is. Everybody loses weight in different patterns. Some people lose the same amount of weight every day on the HCG diet. Others lose in a stair-step fashiontwo days of weight loss followed by two days without, and so on.

Above all, make sure you're not in a plateau already. Cheating during a plateau will only make it worse!

Once you know your own weight loss pattern, you can try a cheat. Then pay attention to your weight loss the next few of days. If you continue to lose weight according to your regular patternyou may have just found a food that you can cheat the HCG diet with consistently! But if your weight loss stalls, be strict the next week or so until you can establish your regular weight loss pattern again. You can try the same cheat one more time if you really want to confirm the testor you can try a new cheat.

Just don't do it too often, or you may continue to stall too much, and you may have wasted your chance to lose weight, not to mention your HCG drops. Don't take too many risks and end up disappointed. Remember, the HCG diet is your one big chance to achieve your weight loss goals.

One last piece of advice: don't start cheating on the HCG diet with more than one food at the same time. Otherwise if you stall, you won't know which food caused the problem.

Good luck, and happy cheating!

Read the rest here:
HCG Diet: 10 Ways to Cheat and Get Away With It

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