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Jul 13

Woman claims she was evicted from St. Albans Planet Fitness over her clothing – Local 22/44 News

The Planet Fitness in St. Albans is facing scrutiny after a disagreement over the clothing a member was wearing.

On Thursday, a woman posted on Facebook that she was working out at Planet Fitness in gym shorts when she was asked to change clothes.

I entered the gym, changed, walked to the free weights and did exactly one minute of jumping jacks before an employee approached me and said multiple people had complained my shorts were too short and I needed to change

According to her post, she was told multiple people were uncomfortable with what she was wearing. But she said she was able to confirm with other people working out that they were okay with her outfit.

I turned to the 4 people working out and asked them if my shorts were intimidating. They said no. I turned back to the employees and told them that nobody is bothered by my shorts and that I was sick of being harassed for my clothing and if no one else has an issue with my shorts I wasnt leaving.

She wrote that once she did that, Planet Fitness staff told her to leave. She refused, and the St. Albans Police were called. After talking with the officers, the woman said she would change her clothes and leave.

We reached out to the woman, and the Saint Albans Planet Fitness location, they have not replied to our request for comment. The Saint Albans Police Department did respond, but told us no one was available for an interview.

The woman said she has received support on Facebook, adding that the company thrives on weakness .

I have had over 300 people from across the US and Canada reach out furious about this situation with at least a third sharing their own Planet Fitness horror stories They are all women.

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Woman claims she was evicted from St. Albans Planet Fitness over her clothing - Local 22/44 News

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