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Apr 6

What happened to Lazar Angelov? The fitness influencer everybody forgot about – Sportskeeda

Lazar Angelov is a household name in the fitness industry, especially on social media.

He was a bodybuilder who would often take to social media to discuss bodybuilding, fitness and even healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Angelov started his fitness journey in his teenage years and quickly gained a lot of muscle mass through his dedication and hard work. He became a professional basketball player, but an injury forced him to give up on his basketball career. He then decided to pursue a career in fitness and bodybuilding.

He started working as a personal trainer and began competing in bodybuilding competitions. He quickly gained fame for his impressive physique and became a popular fitness model. Angelov has secured victories in many bodybuilding competitions, including the Mr. Olympia Amateur, and has featured on the covers of many fitness magazines.

Angelov is known for his strict diet and rigorous workout routine, which he shares with his clients and fans on social media. He has a massive following on social media, with millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Apart from his fitness career, the fitness influencer is also a motivational speaker and has published several books on fitness and nutrition. He continues to inspire people around the world to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Between 2020 and 2021, Angelov stopped training. As expected, that raised concerns among his fans. However, sometime around January 2021, the bodybuilder took to social media to explain that his hiatus from working out and training was due to knee and elbow surgeries, and he wouldnt be able to work out till the joints healed.

Some claimed that Angelovs injuries were a result of his alleged steroid use, which resulted in his ligaments and cartilage becoming weak. However, these are claims that do not have any evidence.

In fact, there have been probes into whether or not the bodybuilder took steroids to enhance his physique, and more often than not, the conclusion has been negative. The primary reason being that the bodybuilder has barely had any side effects of steroids. He took clenbuterol to cut, but that is where he drew the line.

Going back to what happened to Angelov, once he stopped working out due to his surgeries, his physique changed, and he gained weight. Moreover, he has had to deal with constant joint aches and has admitted to taking a small dose of steroids to relieve himself of that pain.

Fast forward to 2023, the fitness influencer is working out and is going back to the physique his followers were used to seeing on social media, the physique that inspired many.

The bodybuilder is actively posting on social media where he discusses the nitty-gritties of bodybuilding and the lifestyle bodybuilders have to follow.

He also conducts online training on his website to help people build their best physique and pop abs of steel they wish for.

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What happened to Lazar Angelov? The fitness influencer everybody forgot about - Sportskeeda

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