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Feb 6

US Army MWR :: Sports, Fitness & Aquatics

Sports Facility Activities

The Ft. Huachuca Sports, Fitness, & Aquatics branch is here to make sure you have everything you need to get in shape or maintain the shape you are in.

Building 61701Arizona Street Google Map


Military DSN Tel:(312)821-2948

Our facility offers:

Sports, Fitness and Aquatics also offers fitness classes taught by certified instructors.

The adjacent Bujalski Track & Field Complex contains a multi-purpose athletic field that includes:

Building 82401Prosser Village Google Map


Military DSN Tel:(312)821-9775

The Eifler Fitness Center(EFC) offers:

Eifler Sports Plaza and Krueger Track are located adjacent to the EFC. The Sports Plaza includes:

Building 61701Hatfield Street Google Map

Tel:+1 (520)533-3858

Military DSN Tel:(312)821-2948

Summer Hours

Barnes Field House Indoor Pool

Teens 16 years and older may enjoy the Barnes Pool unaccompanied, without a guardian/adult in the pool area.

Located at: Building 61701, Hatfield Street

Irwin Outdoor PoolSeasonal swimming at no cost for authorized MWR patrons

Teens 13years and older may enjoy the Irwin pool (unaccompanied, without a guardian/adult in the pool area.

Located at: Building 70560 Irwin Street, near the Thunder Mountain Activity Center

Sports, Fitness and Aquatics offers a wide variety of instructional classes to help you stay in shape. We want to offer you as many options as possible. Schedules are posted monthly for group exercise classes at Barnes Field House, Eifler Fitness Center and Family Fitness Center. For more information, call 533-2948.

All offered by certified instructors!

The Sports Program schedules year 'round sports and special events. Units wishing to participate must must attend the Coach's Meeting prior to each sport to declare their intent to participcate. Contact the Commander's Cup Sports Coordinator at 538-2022 for more information.

Commanders Cup Calendar 2017 - 2018

Building 52220Arizona Street Google Map


Military DSN Tel:(312)821-30041

This child-friendly fitness center is open to all Family and MWR patrons.The FFF invites you in to work-out while keeping an eye on your children at the same time. The center has several play areas, numerous toys and TVs for children to enjoy.

The FFF also offers Zumba and Yoga classes taught by certified instructors.

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US Army MWR :: Sports, Fitness & Aquatics

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