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Nov 8

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Fitness Buddies – Vanity Fair

Of all the dynamic duos out there, some rise to the top, the crme de la crme, toI dont knowregular, perfectly good milk products, as if buoyed by their mutual support. Theres a whole meme about it. Maybe youve seen it. I dont know how youd miss it. To understand what caliber of duo were talking about: Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee. Michelle and Barack Obama. Elmo and Bert. These are all examples of great two-person teams.

None, Id argue, are as stinking cute as Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise. Maybe Im biased. Suri did make her world debut in the pages of this very magazine, and she and her mother have since become the fabric of the city I love, New York City. They are as essential as Alec Baldwin allegedly punching a person in the face or Jennifer Lopez being from the block. They are of the place and by the place, and the place wouldnt be the same without them.

And so it is with great joy that I bring you the following news. Or I dont bring it. Holmes herself brings it by way of Shape magazine: Sometimes Holmes and Cruise work out together if their schedules permit it. I feel very blessed to have such a special daughter. Being her mom is absolutely the greatest gift and privilege, Holmes said of her kid. Sometimes I work out with my daughter. It just depends on the day.

We have our routines, and occasionally they overlap, she added. But I dont force her to work out with me because I know thats lame.

What I love about this quote is how much it makes them sound like friends. Friends who try to fit each other into their schedules. They try to stay healthy together, bonding over a shared favorite activity. She doesnt specify what workout they do together, but Holmes does say that she likes to box and spin and do yoga and dance. This all sounds like stuff a 13-year-old would be into too, but I imagine the dance is especially interesting to Cruise. Zumba, maybe. Possibly ballet. She does wear a ballet flat well.

Fitness! Another New York thing that of course theyre both into. Well, I guess fitness not exclusive to New York or anything, but one can never forget the citys great boutique-fitness boom of 2014. It is certainly what the majority of this little islands inhabitants are doing for a big percentage of their lives every day, in between working too much and trying to find the best bagel. Anyway, it is my most wholesome wish in this world that Cruise never discovers what is or isnt lame vis--vis her mom, and these two continue to be one of those close mother-daughter units for life.

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Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Fitness Buddies - Vanity Fair

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