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Nov 11

Myzone Offers First-Ever Virtual Live Group Fitness Class: MZ-Remote – Club Industry

Myzone has recently launched the worlds first virtual live group workout, MZ-Remote, where participants can connect and exercise together, while receiving real-time biometric feedback and personalized coaching from a trainer, based on their effort.

MZ-Remote is a live virtual gym training tool that displays the heart rate feedback of all participants on one screen, no matter where they choose to work out. Once participants connect through the Myzone app, their live effort performance is tracked via their Myzone heart-rate monitor and is shared with the virtual group, allowing everyone to work out together from their smartphone.

The platform incorporates heart-rate feedback as well as bespoke coaching for all participants, underscoring Myzones commitment to social connectedness despite physical distancing still required for some clients.

A big part of our program here at Kellys Bootcamp involves outdoor workouts, so MZ-Remote is a dream come true for my outdoor classes, said Kelly Young, founder of Kellys Bootcamp. I connect my laptop to WiFi and have all the heart rates on display while we are training outside as well as those that livestream our outdoor classes from home. I use the heart rates to push my students, but I also use the data to provide extra breaks and make sure we are not overtraining. My students have learned so much from heart rate training, and they truly appreciate that effort is rewarded vs. always giving shoutouts to the most fit.

MZ-Remote offers a unique solution when paired with Zoom streaming platform. The instructor hosting the class can monitor the collective effort of everyone within the session and provide encouragement to participants using the feedback derived from the color zones. Now all Myzone users can connect and work out together, and the benefit of the shared feedback on the screen allows for competitiveness, which leads to greater encouragement and motivation, just like in a real class.

Myzone CEO of the Americas Mike Leveque said: At a time when physical distancing may be necessary due to closures, occupancy restrictions or member fear, it is essential to stay socially connected. We wanted to provide our Myzone community with a way to do this through exercise. MZ-Remote differs from other live virtual fitness classes as we do not just simply broadcast our class; we provide personalized coaching to all participants based on their live effort feedback, which everyone else in the workout can also see. Since the start of lockdown, we have had thousands of new users join every week, so we are very excited to offer MZ-Remote where our Myzone community can stay both physically and mentally fit by working out together, remotely.

If you would like to explore how MZ-Remote can improve your members virtual workout experience, we would love to hear from you. Simply email [emailprotected] and a business development representative will contact you.

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Myzone Offers First-Ever Virtual Live Group Fitness Class: MZ-Remote - Club Industry

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