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May 23

Jeffrey Gignac Passive Brain Fitness

...Since its inception in 2013, Passive Brain Fitness Audio and Video Technology has been upgraded 36 times.

Today, Passive Brain Fitness delivers a superior class of frequency based technology that acts like an adaptogen. When you listen / watch our proprietary audio / video sessions, the technology encourages growth and balance where you need it the most.

For example:

When used as directed, people that are "Logic" based thinkers will receive assistance in augmenting their intuitive processing.

Likewise, If you're primarily an "Intuitive" thinker, the technology will assist you in augmenting your logic processing.


Feature Rich and Push-Button Easy.

Passive Brain Fitness Audio / Video sessions are 7 minute videos that contain 15 leading-edge technologies to augment your life.

I call it Passive Brain Fitness because to get the core benefits, all you have to do is watch and listen passively. You can choose to use one of our "Quick and Easy" protocols to enhance your benefits but that is entirely up to you.

Let me assure you, there is nothing that even comes close to Passive Brain Fitness anywhere... And before I go in-depth about how it works and the science, I want to give you a full list of the features and benefitsassociated with our new and upgraded technology.

If you find yourself saying " Hey, I could use some of that in my life", then keep reading because I'll fill you in on the details a bit farther down and I'll give you an opportunity to use it free for 14 days.

Passive Brain Fitness Technology supports you for your highest good with super-easy 7 minute sessions that you can use on any computer, phone or device that is convenient for you.

Stream or downloadPassive Brain Fitness from anywhere in the world for these potential benefits:

Discover Our "Quick and Easy" Protocols for Self-Evolution

New and Updated Protocols 2017 to Use WithPassive Brain Fitness

"Quick and Easy" protocols are simple yet highly effective techniques designed specifically to be used in conjunction with Passive Brain Fitness Sessions.

Our protocols take advantage of the brain-balancing and brain boosting properties of Passive Brain Fitness technology to significantly improve the speed and effectiveness of other proven self-help strategies and healing modalities.

The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth,

So Help Me God!

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Gignac. I'm the creator and founder of Passive Brain Fitness and we do things differently!

I created Passive Brain Fitnessto help me with my problems and my own self-evolution. I never dreamed that it would go so far and help so many people.

Admittedly, when I first launched Passive Brain Fitness to the world, my staff and I were "wet behind the ears" when it came to supporting and serving our customers. We did the best we could but we were inexperienced. Things are different now. We do everything we can to love and support our members AND we are brutally honest about what you and everyone else can expect.

While it is true that I've created technology for Big Gurus like John Assaraf, government funded agencies and corporations AND I have more testimonials then I can count, Passive Brain Fitness is not for everyone.

Jeffrey Gignac is my secret "go-to guy" for leading edge brainwave entrainment technology and practical mind science since 2008.

Passive Brain Fitness contains flashing visuals and pulsing light frequencies and therefore should never be used by people that have ANY risk factors for seizures or epilepsy. Persons under the age of 18 should be tested for seizures and epilepsy before using our technology.

Not everyone benefits as described from using Passive Brain Fitness. That's just the truth! And that's okay because not everyone can eat oranges either.

Do know this: The vast majority of people will begin to notice positive movement in their life in the first 14 days of using my 7 minute audio/ video sessions. This is especially true for those who decide to use any of my "Quick and Easy" protocols with my technology.

For some, meaningful results take longer to show up. For others, it doesn't work at all. 🙁 Hence the free trial and our iron-clad refund policy.

BUT, if you decide that you want to give this a go, you'll start feeling the love right away!

What You Can Expect

The moment you sign up, you'll get our welcome package which includes step by step instructions, our quick start guide and a series of follow up emails packed full of helpful tips and guidance. (FYI: We don't send spammy emails)

IMPORTANT: Passive Brain Fitness is easy to use and to incorporate in your day. Having said that, there are so many ways that you can use these 7 minute sessions to enhance you life that if you want to get the most out of it, you'll want to go through a "discovery process" that takes about an hour. Most of these "discovery videos" are about 10 minutes so you can go at your own pace when the "spirit moves you". (That's my mother's expression)

Since I am the only one that creates the technology and the training, I' very active on the support desk. I have to be because no one knows my technology better then I do. If you ever have a question or need a little extra, you can count us to be there for you.

Push-Button Easy

How To Use The Technology to Augment Your Reality

Benefiting from Passive Brain Fitness 7 minute Audio / Video sessions is super easy. You have the option to download our monthly releases or stream them to any device of your choosing. You can be at work, on the road or at your local Starbucks. Whatever, whenever you want, the choice is yours.

The next step is that you choose what benefit you want to focus on, and press play to start the 7 minute audio / video session. I call it Passive Brian Fitness because to get the core benefits, all you have to do is passively watch and listen and let the technology to the work. If you want to kick up into high gear, you can use one of your "quick and Easy" protocols with the 7 minute videos.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Passive Brain Fitness With Our Mindfulness Protocol

Now you can gain the benefitsof mindfulness practice quickly and easily even if you've never meditate a single secondin your life.


June 2016 - 71.4% reported improvements in just 30 days after using our Mindfulness Protocol

in combination with 7 Minute Passive Brian Fitness sessions.

10 Key Factors Measured:


In the meditation world, 71.4% improvement in 30 days is nothing short of miraculous. With traditional meditation, it is not uncommon for people to wait months, even years before they see any results.

By using Passive Brain Fitness sessions as the basis for their meditation, people not only get results faster, they find the process easy and enjoyable.

And because each session is only 7 minutes, just about everyone can find the time to meditate, reap the benefits. and stick with it long-term.


This is What You Get - My Offer To You 🙂

Your brain is so amazing that it will begin to map out all the complexities of each individual Passive Brain Fitness session in about 15 to 45 days. It's kinda like how a really great song, doesn't pack the same energy as it does when you first started to listen to it.

The only way to keep getting benefits at the highest level is to use new Passive Brain Fitness sessionswith different patterns and mathematical algorithms every month.

This is why for 5 consecutive years, I've released two new Passive Brain Fitness videos every month. It's a lot of work because these things are not easy to make but I use and love my own technology every day and I want you to get the same benefit as I do.

So, here's the offer. I've created a monthly membership that delivers two Passive Brain Fitness videos each and every month along with audio only versions. Every month, you also get a bonus training, comprehensive release notes and additional tips for how to use the new releases. I also update you to the improvements that I make to the technology. My members have enjoyed 36 upgrades since I started.

You also get access to our streaming platform with advanced features and protocols so you can use it anytime and anywhere you want to optimize your brain with any of the benefits associated with using Passive Brain Fitness (unless you're driving. -That's a big no-no!).

Now because it's a monthly membership, I've made it very affordable. As a mater of fact, I just lowered the price. When I started it was $12/ month. I then raised the price to $17 / month. As of May 2017, I've decided to lower the price to $8.95 per month.

You also have the option to register for a year or two years in advance for even bigger discounts. With the One Year and Two Year plans, you can add up to 2 other users to your account free of charge. If you have some friends and you want to split the cost - Great Idea!

I can't promise how long that I'll keep it at this low price but I do promise that if you get in now, you'll never pay a nickle more even when I raise the price in the future. In other words, you'll be grandfathered in forever.

You'll also be entitled to all future upgrades free of charge. That's a big deal because I've got some huge plans such as Virtual Reality versions. When the VR versions come out, the price will definitely go up but not for you if you join today. You'll get them included with your membership.

15 Brain-Building Technologies in Each 7 Minute Session.

Adaptogens are very unique substances that help the body adapt to both mental and physical stress while promoting a healthy balance. One of the most well-known adaptogens is ginseng.

Adaptogens will often help with both sides of a particular issue. For example: An adaptogen that normalizes blood sugar will lower it if it is too high and increase it if it is too low. Adaptogens are about creating balance and homeostasis.

My goal from the beginning was to create a frequency-based technology that behaved like adaptogens so people could benefit more completely from one Passive Brain Fitness audio / video session.

Today,Passive Brain Fitness contains 15 beneficial technologies to assist you where you need it the most.

Hover and click on each item to show more information.

Sound Frequency Stimulation / Relaxation

Each session contains focused sound frequencies that resonate with the human brain. These sound frequencies are used to either stimulate, connect and balance the brain OR they are used to relax, connect and balance the brain. Some sessions use Jeffrey's proprietary cycling protocols that shift between stimulation and relaxation to create profound "Zone" states.

Element "B" - Binaural Brainwave Entrainment

Element "B" Binaural Entrainment is Jeffrey's proprietary system for layering multiple Binaural Beats simultaneously.Some of the most desirable states of consciousness are the the result of two or more dominant brainwave patterns OR one dominant and multiple sub-dominant brainwave patterns. Element "B" Binaural Entrainment creates frequency sets that can effectively entrain complex states that in the past were not possible using other forms of binaural beats.

Light Frequency Entrainment

Different than "Light Frequency Stimulation/ Relaxation", Light Frequency Entrainment creates a "Frequency Following" response from the brain allowing the technology to gently guide the brain up and down a specific spectrum of frequency ranges. In Passive Brain Fitness, Light Frequency Entrainment is only used to balance and support the more effective Light Frequency Stimulation / Relaxation Technology.

Cerebral Hemispheric Competition

Cerebral Hemispheric Competitionis a process used to stimulates the left and the right sides of the brain in a specific manner that encourages each side to "compete" for the brain's energy and resources.Cerebral Hemispheric Competition is not an ideal state of consciousness (there are exceptions) BUT it is a great way to strengthen the brain's natural ability to find balance in stressful situations. By training Cerebral Hemispheric Competition, we encourage a stronger, more adaptable brain that is less susceptible to stress.

Visual Affirmations

Each Passive Brain Fitness light and sound session contains visual affirmations that have all been tested to support and strengthen you for your highest good. It has been known for years that positive messages improve the energy flow in the body and help inoculate people against the harmful effects of negative messages.

Complex Mathematical Patterning

Each Passive Brain Fitness session contains complex mathematical algorithms and frequency sets that are different from previous releases.This encourages a stronger response and deeper engagement from the brain because each release represents a new puzzle for the brain to map out and solve.

Breath Pacer

Breathing is such an important part of brain health and balance. It is also one of the ways we can associate and "anchor" the positive effects of Passive Brian Fitness to your everyday life.Each video session contains a "Breath Pacer" to remind you to keep breathing comfortably and naturally. As you become accustomed to breathing comfortably and deeply, you can choose to sync your breathing with the Breath Pacer for even better results.

If you only read one of these, read the last one

Light Frequency Stimulation / Relaxation

Each sessions contains focused lightfrequencies that resonate with the human brain.These light frequencies are used to either stimulate, connect and balance the brain OR they are used to relax, connect and balance the brain. Some sessions use Jeffrey's proprietary cycling protocols that shift between stimulation and relaxation to create profound "Zone" states.

Isochronic Tones Entrainment

Isochronic Tones are very powerful forms of entrainment. They create very strong cortical-evoked responses from the brain. Different than Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones are not created by a "brain stem" response. They are created using direct frequency amplitude and modulation that are perceived with or without headphones. Binaural Beats require headphones for maximum results. Using both Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats creates the best entrainment sessions.

Cerebral Hemispheric Synchronization

Cerebral Hemispheric Synchronization is a process used to sync-up, balance and amplify the communication between the right and the left sides of the brain.Cerebral Hemispheric Synchronization encourages "Whole Brain Functioning". It trends the energy towards expansion and away from restriction.Cerebral Hemispheric Synchronization is very effective for unwinding stress reactions and other negative emotions.

Sound Localization

Sound Localization is a process that moves sound in a "virtual 3D sound landscape" in such a way that it encourages the brain to bounce signals back and fourth between the various regions and hemispheres via the complex network of auditory pathways. This process can be likened to the mathematical equations of "Triangulation". Sound Localizationrequires massive amounts of internal (subconscious ) math which strengthens aspects of your brain just like lifting weights strengthens muscle.In Passive Brain Fitness, we create sound movement that encourages this process to happen consistently through each session.

Harmonic and Sub-Harmonic Frequencies

There are countless beneficial frequencies that are far too fast to be incorporated directly as sound and light inside an MP3 or MP4 video. However, each of the frequencies has a harmonic and sub-harmonic frequency version that can be incorporated inside an audio / video session. The harmonic and sub-harmonic variations are thought to carry many of the same benefits as their parent frequencies. In Passive Brian Fitness, we incorporate harmonics and sub-harmonics of beneficial frequenciesaccording to the purpose of each release to support the overall effectiveness.

Colour Science

Certain colors have been well documented to have positive effects on the brain, mood and sense of well-being. In Passive Brain Fitness, we use various colors to elevate mood, balance / stimulate energy production and increase the overall sense of well-being according to the purpose of each sessions.

Focal Object For Eye Movement and Patterning

90% of Passive Brain Fitness sessions include one or more focal objects that move about screen in some manner. These focal objects are used by some of our "Quick and Easy" protocols to help reduce / eliminate harmful emotional triggers. Recent research also suggests that by tracking these objects with your eyes as they move on screen may improve your overall reaction time. Better reaction time can significantly improve everyday things like driving and responding to your environment. Improved reaction time is directly associated with overall athletic performance.

[Adaptogen-Like] Multi-Entry Points

Not every brain will enter a session in the same state every time. Even the same person may be in a different state of mind each time they choose to use a session. With multiple points of entry, Passive Brain Fitness is more capable of adapting to youinstead of requiring your brain to adapt to the technology.

This is how it works:

Passive Brain Fitness incorporates advance proprietary layering techniques that causes the technology to behave like an adaptogen. The majority of our sessions include multiple frequency streams that are independent from one-another in the beginning. Later on in the sessions, these layers converge to a common beneficial point. Each of these "Frequency Streams" or layers provide different "entry points" from which the human brain can begin to vibrate in resonance. This is one of the most important components of Passive Brian Fitness and it is what allows us to create sessions that provide as much benefit in 7 minutes as othersdo in 60 minutes.

The streaming platform is the most convenient thing going. You no longer need to download all the content to all your devices.

Whether you're at work, on the road or at home, all you have to do is login and you have full access ALL of my protocols, training and a massive collection of Passive Brain Fitness sessions.

You'll be amazed at the value you'll have access to on month one. When you navigate to the streaming platform you'll see you have access to computer versions, mobile versions plus over 40 titles that you can stream.

See the article here:
Jeffrey Gignac Passive Brain Fitness

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