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Mar 3

fitness | Tumblr

I have personally never believedin the concept of restrictive eating when it comes to weight/fat loss. I alwaysbelieved and suggested to people to eat BETTER instead of less. See this aboveis speaking the truth When I hear people saying that they dont eat becausetheyre trying to lose fat it makes me laugh (deep inside) because not eating actually slows down the metabolism,so when people start eating restrictively they are actually sabotaging their fat loss efforts; slow metabolism = NO weight loss! Thebody thinks its starving, so it will go on the survival mode which means itwill literally slow down its calorie-burning capacity in order tosurvive.

Inother words, by not eating the body will sense that it is in trouble, so itwill try to conserve the little amount of energy it has left as much aspossible, which will result in a slower metabolism! Fat is emergency storagefor your body. Your body will burn muscle first if you get on low caloriediets, sothe body is going to use muscles as fuel, yes muscles, so not only themetabolism will slow down, but the body will also lose some precious muscles.

SoMoral of the story, you dont have toeat less - you just have to eat BETTER!! In the above picture you canclearly see the sticking difference between 1575 calories of junk foods andhealthy foods. Remember this, when youre eating right you dont have toconstantly worry about counting calories

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fitness | Tumblr

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