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Nov 23

Fitness: Running doesn’t have to be such a pain in the knee – Montreal Gazette

This association is in line with the fact that knee osteoarthritis is a chronic progressive condition and a major cause of musculoskeletal disability in older populations, said the studys authors.

What does all this mean to the average recreational runner?

First of all, knee pain happens at one time or another to almost all runners, so dont fret. But whats worth noting in this study is that once pain sets in, it can be weeks before the knee feels better. And despite attempts to dial back speed, distance or training frequency, theres no proven shortcut to healing.

The key to keeping the knee healthy, especially among novice runners, is to avoid that first bout with pain by following a progressive training routine that errs on the conservative side when it comes to volume and frequency. If and when pain does flare up, treatment guided by a medical professional is worth considering. And while theres no guarantee that your time on the mend will be reduced, education on the best path to recovery and advice on how to ease back into running are investments worth making.

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Fitness: Running doesn't have to be such a pain in the knee - Montreal Gazette

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