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Nov 11

A Fitness Tracker With Accuracy and Safety in Mind: OxyStrap Unveils a Patented Head-Based Fitness Tracker That Provides Accurate Tracking and…

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --OxyStrap International, (, a San Diego, CA-based health innovation company, has launched its new and unique fitness tracker which can measure the user's body vital signs with a new level of accuracy even while on the move and outdoors in any climate.

Developed by a dedicated team of engineers, athletes, and medical doctors during more than 10 years of research, the OxyStrap fitness tracker promises to set a new gold standard for safety and accurate vital signs tracking by providing customizable real-time audio announcements to users while they are on the move, including, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body temperature. Users can choose the frequency and which specific vital signs they want to be announced, so there is no need to check a display screen.

The OxyStrap also has the potential to save lives by accurately tracking oxygen levels, pulse, and body temperatures, and alerting users to abnormalities which could indicate conditions such as altitude sickness, heart malfunctions, and heatstroke. Research has been conducted by the OxyStrap team on Mount Everest. Many people have experienced and suffered from adverse effects of altitude sickness as a result of not properly tracking their oxygen saturation levels during high altitude activities. The OxyStrap offers real-time audio announcement options that are a viable and convenient solution for timely vital sign information. The OxyStrap can help users avoid unnecessary health issues or even deaths that arise from not knowing or accurately tracking vital signs.

"With OxyStrap, we built our device with the medical knowledge that the head is the ideal location for accurate tracking," said Dr. Ron Gertsch, M.D., a bariatric physician and surgeon, and founder of OxyStrap International. "OxyStrap is the only 'on the move' fitness tracker that provides accurate body vital signs including oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body temperature. It offers real-time audio announcements of fitness data so the user can achieve an ideal heart rate and workout intensity for the best possible exercise results with enhanced safety."

Dr. Gertsch added that when he tested the most popular wrist-based fitness trackers on the market, he found they didn't offer the essential features for accurate measurement of body vital signs during workouts. He stated that many respected medical scientific research articles support this claim. Please see p. 18, sec. 4.1, paragraph 1:

The top benefits and features of the OxyStrap fitness tracker include:

OxyStrap International has launched a Kickstarter campaign, (, to begin selling its fitness tracker and spread awareness of the importance of accuracy and safety among consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and the investment community.


Dr. Ron Gertsch, M.D., a physician and bariatric surgeon, is launching the OxyStrap fitness tracker to help consumers improve their health and save lives.

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A Fitness Tracker With Accuracy and Safety in Mind: OxyStrap Unveils a Patented Head-Based Fitness Tracker That Provides Accurate Tracking and...

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