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Nov 11

8 Thanksgiving turkey trots in the Omaha area | Fitness | – Omaha World-Herald

Lace up the tennis shoes and start your Thanksgiving holiday on the right foot. Weve compiled a list of local turkey trots to help you burn off the bird before the big meal.

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Turkey Trails 5K/10K

Where: Millers Landing, 151 Freedom Road

Feast and Feathers Trail Races

Where: Cunningham Lake, 96th Street and Bennington Road

Sarpy 5K Turkey Trot

Where: Sarpy YMCA, 1111 E. First St., Papillion

Lincoln YMCA Turkey Trot

Where: Cooper YMCA, 6767 S. 14th St.

Turkey Trot to End Duchenne

Where:Players Club, 12101 Deer Creek Drive

Fremont Family YMCA Turkey Trot

Where: Fremont Family YMCA, 810 N. Lincoln Ave., Fremont

Omaha Turkey Trot

Where: Lewis & Clark Landing, 345 Riverfront Drive

Omaha Running Club Thanksgiving Fun Run

Where: Zorinsky Lake, 3808 S. 156th St.

Float spas, where users are suspended in a salty bath, started popping up in Omaha in 2016. Spa-goers enter a private float tank nearly double the size of a bathtub. Hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt have been dissolved in the shallow pool of water so people float on top. Proponents say floating reduces muscle and joint pain, shortens recovery time from athletic training or injuries, relieves stress and increases creativity. Click here to read a World-Herald story on float spas.

If you've been dreaming of dribbling a soccer ball while encased in a plastic bubble, you're in luck. That trend made its way to Omaha in 2015. The game can be tough experienced players tumble right alongside first-timers.Click here to read a World-Herald story on bubble soccer.

Local yogis can find their flow among a tribe of baby goats. Two dairies in Honey Creek, Iowa, started offering the classes in 2018. The goat yoga trend started in Oregon in 2016 and has since swept most of the country. The wandering goats add some levity to yoga, known for improving flexibility and decreasing stress. Click here to read a previous World-Herald story on goat yoga.

Kickball isn't just for kids. Adult kickball leagues have joined the mix of recreational sports in Omaha, much like sand volleyball and softball. The sport gets players moving, but it doesn't feel like a grueling workout. Some kickballers called it "exercise in disguise." Click here to read a World-Herald story on kickball.

Ballet-inspired workouts made their way to the Omaha area back in 2014. The city is home to handful of studios purely devoted to the workouts, which combine yoga, Pilates and ballet movements performed on a dance barre. Some local gyms and fitness studios offer the classes, too. Instructors said the classes are fun and motivating.Click here to read a World-Herald story on barre.

Rowing isn't new, but it's made a splash on the local fitness scene. The exercise machines had fallen out of favor thanks to treadmills, weight rooms and group exercise classes. But they've been reintroduced through fitness trends like CrossFit and Orangetheory. At least two local studios have debuted classes built around the machines. Click here to read a World-Herald story on rowing.

Participants wearing minimal clothing stand in a chamber that looks like an aluminum can and grows colder over two to three minutes using liquid nitrogen. The temperature drops to between negative 200 and 240 degrees. Proponents say the high-tech ice baths reduce inflammation, relieve pain, prevent injury, increase energy and speed healing. The practice also has been credited for cosmetic benefits. But some medical professionals are skeptical.Click here to read a World-Herald story on cryotherapy.

Exercisers bask in glowing orange lights and blaring upbeat music at Orangetheory Fitness. The metro area now is home to a handful of the studios, which got their start in Florida in 2009. During the classes, a trainer leads people through a circuit-style workout that rotates between treadmills, rowing machines and a strength area with free weights. Members wear heart rate monitors to track their efforts during a workout. Click here to read a World-Herald story on Orangetheory Fitness.

Pound classes debuted in Omaha in 2015. The classes are a full-body strength and cardio workout that simulates drumming. Exercisers pound the drumsticks in the air, against each other and on the ground while performing strength exercises like squats and lunges. Click here to read a World-Herald story on Pound.

Aerial yoga blends yoga poses with acrobatics. Yogis practice in hammocks, flipping upside-down. It incorporates stretching and strength exercises, cardio and meditation. Instructors say the class is good for the spine, alleviating pressure although there are some risks, and the class isn't for everyone. Click here to read a World-Herald story on aerial yoga.

Heart rate monitors are a standard part of curriculum for some metro high school students. They've also made an appearance in several boutique gyms. Teachers at Mercy High School said wearing the monitors prep students for a lifetime of fitness. Click here to read a World-Herald story on the monitors.

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8 Thanksgiving turkey trots in the Omaha area | Fitness | - Omaha World-Herald

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